Keeping My Faith Has Helped Me Succeed In College

Keeping My Faith Has Helped Me Succeed In College

"Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28


College has been some of the most anticipated years of my life; adults have teased of these glory days with their memorable stories and repetitive dialogue of "these will be the best years of your life." While I'm making some sweet memories I will remember throughout my life, I've made a conscious effort to not let the prospect of "the real college experience" interfere with my faith. Going into college, I knew I wanted to get involved in the local Catholic church and hold myself more accountable for my faith. While many of my peers have given up their religion and beliefs in order to make more time for superficial things or make themselves more appealing, I have found that actively participating in the church has enriched my college experience and has made me an overall better student.

One of the biggest things I've learned about college is that it pushes students to be individuals and work hard for their personal goals. While working hard for these things is invaluable, many students find themselves so tied up in their own works that they forget to consider the rest of the world functioning around them. Being involved in the church has allowed me to step outside of my own little world and reach out to the people around me. Instead of solely working on my own self-improvement, my faith has given me the opportunity to help people in the local community and dedicate some of my time to bettering the lives of others. Not only does this break up a demanding academic schedule, but it also helps me find more meaning in my everyday doings. Running through the motions of homework and studying can become mundane, so taking time to work alongside others helps me find fulfillment even during a very self-centered time of my life.

My faith has also led me to communities within the church where the people around me share the same beliefs and values as I do. While meeting new people from different backgrounds and perspectives is important, coming back to space where I can open up about what's going on in my life with people who can understand me on a spiritual level is refreshing. My church friends ground me in my beliefs and reinforce God's love in a way a lot of my others friends can't. Having this kind of community has provided me with the support I need during the highs and lows of college, and I've found comfort in knowing that I have a group of people I can turn to whenever I need them.

Above all, my faith keeps me grounded and calm during stressful situations. Remembering that my efforts are for God and His plan relieves the pressures of a competitive university. While other students work towards perfection under high levels of stress, I have the peace of knowing that my future is in God's hands and He is welcoming to my shortcomings and imperfections. Many students are self-glorifying in the ways they sacrifice so much of themselves for good grades so that they can conform to an image of what society deems successful, and this way of living is draining and meaningless. While I may become overwhelmed and confused in the midst of hard times, staying faithful has always proven to give me more clarity over time.

Keeping my faith has transformed my college experience in ways I never could have imagined. With all things considered, many incoming freshmen still choose to let go of their beliefs since they don't want to get trapped in a faith bubble and miss out on all the fun parts of college, but my faith is just another aspect of my life that I balance among the many other things I do. To give it all up would put a lot of weight on my own shoulders, and that is a burden I cannot carry alone. I would highly encourage any college student to consider becoming more involved in their faith, as those who pursue it will surely reap the benefits.

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My Catholic School Would Never Do What The Covington Catholic #MAGAteens Did

I went to Catholic school since preschool and even with divided political beliefs, I have faith no one would have acted this way.


I went to Catholic school my whole life. From preschool through high school.

The high school I went to definitely had divided political beliefs, but we embraced it. Instead of having a divide, we came together with clubs supporting voter registration and activism in your party of choice. We had a civics course and government course that required us to volunteer for campaigns.

On the religious side of things, we were required to complete service hours and it encouraged us to make change, learn about different cultures, and become involved. Throughout my time at Catholic school, I never was targetted by my race, political beliefs, or my view on religion.

It was not until I went to college outside of California that I started seeing changes in how people react to diversity. I am proud to have been raised in an environment that would have shut down and owned up to any severe or harmful actions their students would take.

In the era of a racial and political divide, it is important to remember the values that you were taught. Especially, when you involve religion.

The most important lesson I learned from Catholic school is to love your neighbor as yourself.

We are more similar than we are different. Especially in a melting pot like America. Become educated and aware before you target a group of people, who have not harmed you.

We can all learn a lot from the way Nathan Phillips handled the situation and we should all be alarmed about who was targetting him: the youth, the next generation.

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Some Of You Never Lived In A Dorm And It Really Shows

Dorms are weird and so is college, but some of you might not know.


Such an exciting time, the beginning of the school year when thousands of bright eyed and bushy tailed college freshmen pack up their things, arrive on campus and try to make a glorified cracker box into their new home. If you asked ten different college students about their experience living in the dorms I'm sure you would get ten very different and very interesting answers.

For those of you that never had the pleasure (or not) of living in a dorm, here are just a few of the curiosities it provides.

1. Living With An Absolute Stranger


I don't know who thought up this practice that is otherwise thought of as dangerous, but I'd like to talk to them. Thankfully my situation didn't turn out too bad. Only one of our roommates was a little sketchy, but only because she was never home and didn't talk, then moved out at semester. Nothing like my friend's roommate who puked in his own bed then left it there for over a month... clearly, that kid was ready for adulthood.

2. The Bathroom Situation


Most dorms have communal bathrooms and that right there calls for an endless array of gross and awkward situations. Shower flip flops can't even save you from those unidentified objects stuck in the drain and you don't know what's been in that toilet today. Figuring out the delicate choreography of getting in the shower without being seen naked and dodging all the cute boys in the hallway while you run to your room in your robe with your hair in a towel.

3. Interesting People On Your Floor


You are living in a building for a year with hundreds of people. Eventually one of these individuals will no longer be able to contain their freakish ways and habits to the inside of their room. I'm talking about the kids who run through the lobby in their onesies, water guns in hand, having an argument over their favorite anime characters. Also the guy I met at 11 a.m. on a Wednesday in the elevator who was in only his boxers searching every floor for his clothes, wallet, keys, and dignity.

4. Figuring Out Adult Things Together


Usually, when I break something and need to fix it I go to my parents, but in the dorms, I only had three roommates who probably did the same so we had to get pretty creative. Is that expiration date real or just a suggestion? Probably whichever roommate loses noes-goes has to man up and test it. Thankfully we have the internet now so problems like that time we accidentally got expo-marker stuck on the AC panel were able to be fixed with just the click of a button.

5. The Unpredictable RAs


It's pretty much a game of roulette with what kind of RA you'll end up with. Will it be the cool guy who opens the first meeting of the year with the sentence "Listen, guys, I'm not a regular RA, I'm a cool RA. Do what you want, just don't get caught ok?" or will it be the RA that suddenly thinks this is their chance to become the Cop from their childhood dreams. "DID I JUST HEAR LAUGHTER? SIMMER DOWN IN THERE OR I WILL WRITE YOU UP." Unfortunately, I had the latter.

6. The Forever Bond You Share With Anyone Who Ever Lived In Your Dorm


Any time I am out and mention that I lived in Lewis Hall someone comes running over screaming "LEW CREWWWW" and gives me a high five. Then for the rest of my years on campus proceed to do so every time they see me out. We all went through the same thing inside those walls, we all know the politics, and we just get each other on a level no one else can. I don't make the rules, it's just how it is.

So long story short if you have the opportunity to live in the dorms, definitely do. This list may sound like a list of reasons to scare you off, but I assure you it is the same list that most dorm veterans also get sentimental about. Dorm life is your right of passage as a freshman and you should definitely take it.

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