Me, Your Growing-Up And Our Faith In Life
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Me, Your Growing-Up And Our Faith In Life

It's just that when we grow up, we realize that the world is no longer that simple anymore.

Me, Your Growing-Up And Our Faith In Life

Childhood day, the world in our eyes is something incredibly wonderful and beautiful.

We consider all things and events with our pink eyes. Is there anything difficult in this world? Indeed, when I was a little girl, everything that happened in this world was simple and good.

With a completely innocent soul and clear eyes, when I was just a little girl, I thought that this life was heaven, and those people around me are angels. I encountered many different images in society but saw them with the most positive and easy one. Poor people need help, rich people are amazing, I judged every situation with emotion, not rational. What is with the serious deception and lies in the world then?

Everyone is sincere and honest with each other – the basic thought of every child. Nobody deceives or harms anyone. We think that people can always give or share what we have with others, and only those who are really difficult and incapacitated will receive help from the people around them.

A few years older, we learn more valuable lessons that schools never teach. And life has taught us the unexpected truths in the world.

The rich will get richer, and the poor will continue to be poor. Another odd thing is that the poor often have more generous hearts than the rich. They are willing to give or share the little things they have with people in the same situation. But what can you do more with just a generous heart?

While the rich, they are busy making money and trying to continue to get rich. Perhaps because of that, sometimes they accidentally forget that they also need to share with the less fortunate people out there.

Then it is not only the story of the poor and the rich, but this society also becomes more complicated and uglier by deceiving stories between people. The little boys begging out on the street actually are the puppets of a company, sick pretenders wandered through the city, all of them taking advantage of the compassion of the people around to benefit themselves. Then there were cases like stealing and robberies.

Every day, just go online to read the news, or buy a newspaper near the house, we immediately see stories about people deceiving and harming people, big fish swallow small fish, problems of corruption, starvation, money laundering ... Just that, the faith we have had about this life is suddenly collapsed painfully. And then, everyone's beliefs about the goodness of life gradually disappear.

We live in this world, we need money, we need love, we need to be happy. And for that, we need to fight for our life, we must find a way to survive. How can we receive our happiness in this life without fighting for it?

Everyone wore a mask to live together, and when someone took off the mask, even for a few seconds, they would be fooled and harmed immediately. We are becoming more and more insensitive to this life because all the beliefs we once had already disappeared when we saw and witnessed stories that were not so good in society.

The older I am, the more I want to teleport back in time when life was happier and simpler. When all I have to do is to wait for the exciting one to come, to explore the world, to dream of the adventure in every fairy tale and meet new friends along the way.

But everything has its relativity. Somewhere between this life of deception and full of lies, there are occasional warm stories of human love, gentle people and inspiring stories. As a miracle of salvation, a little faith left in the hearts of every person in the world.

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