What If Fairytales Accurately Reflected Society?

What If Disney Fairytales Accurately Reflected Society?

Could you imagine if Shrek fell in love with Donkey instead of Fiona? Talk about a plot twist.


Everyone grew up watching and loving Disney princess movies I bet your dad and brothers have seen all of them as well. I'm not sure about the guys, but from a girls point of view this made us want to meet our "prince charming" and live "happily ever after."

But do fairy tales really have an end? Its usually the prince and princess get married, but what happens after? Do they have children? Is money ever an issue? Is divorce existent? Or are fairy tales just an unrealistic representation of reality?

You're probably thinking, what movie isn't an unrealistic reality? In Home Alone, how is it that every single time these burglars are trying to break into the house they get caught and harassed by a 10-year-old boy?

In Endless Love, would Jade really not get caught not only, sneaking David into her house, but having him sleepover, with parents as protective as hers?

Or in Mama Mia, would someone marry a man they haven't seen since high school right on the spot? I mean maybe, but if we're talking realistically, then no. I have given a few of the classic Disney movies a twist intergrading

1. Pocahontas and John Smith couldnt date because of society's views on interracial marriage

Is it really that easy to overcome racial differences in a relationship? Imagine if the peer pressure of racial bias was too difficult for Pocahontas and John Smith to overcome.

2. The beast never really changed and Belle ended up in an abusive relationship

Is it really possible for someone who was so cruel to turn into a hopeless romantic, maybe? But could you imagine if the beast had just gone back to his old ways and Belle was stuck in an abusive relationship?

3. Once Ariel got her voice back, she realized her and Prince Eric have nothing in common

Getting to know someone can take months, maybe even years, but imagine if after Ariel and Prince Eric finally got to talk they realized they were completely different and broke off as friends.

4. Prince Charming was less ambitious, while Cinderella was working full time

Cinderella is notorious for her hard work and determination in order to succeed, Imagine if she was happy with her handsome Prince playing video games all day while she was running a business seven days a week.

5. Aladdin couldn't date Jasmine because of different social classes

It's not as easy as it may seem to get along in the world of the rich. Imagine if Jasmine had listened to her father about marrying Jafar instead of marrying the street rat.

My point is not to completely degrade the movies we once fell in love with. It's to set your expectations back and realize you create your own story.

The "fairytale perfect" is completely different from the societal norm. We need to realize that these movies are not real life and they portray a picture perfect, simple reality.

And life as we know it is certainly not simple. Now imagine if the world was black and white, like in fairy tales, rather than shades of grey.

Whatever your race, whether your rich or poor, gay or straight, anyone is able to live happily ever after. So what if one kiss can truly make a person realize what life has to offer. You create your own fairytales and whoever makes you happiest, that is your prince charming.

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