Fairy Godfriends: My Best Friend's Honey Voice Led Me To Pursue My Interests
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Fairy Godfriends: My Best Friend's Honey Voice Led Me To Pursue My Interests

Her honey-sweet vocals blessed my ears and my life.

Fairy Godfriends: My Best Friend's Honey Voice Led Me To Pursue My Interests
Safa Ahmed

I love honey. It’s sweet, fragrant, sticky, and it has healing properties. Imagine my awe when I first encountered the personification of honey in the halls of my high school. Before I met her, everyone would tell me that there was a Korean student who was exactly like me (minus the ethnicity, of course): short, talkative, highly prone to squealing at almost anything and sweet. As expected when expectations are built up for something, I was disappointed when I finally got to meet Emily Park. Disappointed in myself, to be clear.

As I mentioned, Emily’s reputation preceded her. She is charming and charismatic, the kind of girl anybody would want to befriend at first sight. I’m sure many boys secretly admire her “smol” physique and adorable smile; girls (including me) envy her natural ability to make her every small movement and every spoken word something to fawn over. Emily’s thick luscious locks overpower the basic thin silky hair of most Asians (no offense to those with this hair; y’all have nice locks, too), and they just beg for you to run your fingers through them.

Emily is also an incredibly talented filmmaker. She recently entered a film contest with Neha that Divya, Maria and I are starring in and it is such a work of art! I was so proud of the visible effort she put into filming and directing, paying attention to details like lighting and timing of dialogue. I am truly honored to have been able to work with such an esteemed director. She’s also a goddess at editing. When I watched the film, I couldn’t believe that two juniors had created it, rather than A-list producers.

Now, when I mentioned honey, you probably assumed that it was a metaphor for Emily as a person, right? Ding dong daeng. Unfortunately, your assumption is incorrect. I think Emily best represents cherry blossoms or lilies with her refreshing and cute personality. Her voice, on the other hand, is literal honey for all ears. The first time I heard Emily sing a cover on her personal Instagram account, I was stunned. How does a girl that I go to school with have such an incredible voice?

Thankfully, Emily didn’t keep her magic to herself. She blessed the Internet with an Instagram account and a YouTube account just for covers. Whenever I was down or I needed to be energized, I would immerse myself in her honey voice and cleanse my heart and mind. She doesn’t know this yet, but her voice has helped heal me on multiple occasions. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Emily Park is my favorite vocalist. She outranks even the best professionals. When Emily sings, she doesn’t use her vocal chords; she uses her heart (not the right muscles she should be using, but it works out).

At this time, I wasn’t very close with Emily. Though we had many similarities, we didn’t get the chance to get past the “friend of my friends” stage due to vastly different schedules. However, I finally got to know her better in junior year, and now, we’re inseparable. Emily got inducted into the Weightlifting Fairies group in September 2017 at Michelle and Tiffany’s birthday party, where we all sat down and straight up bawled about our problems.

Our bond grew stronger that night, and I was extremely grateful that Emily joined our group of weirdos. I had already been pushed onto a path of self-betterment by the other girls, but Emily helped strengthen my resolve.

Being with Emily almost everyday exposed me to the great things she’s doing with her life. From immersing herself in film to improving her singing to unimaginable levels (she’s currently at “Siren”) to supporting her friends with every step they take, Emily is going through high school with her eyes on the prize: happiness. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t see her precious smile.

Watching her participate in activities she loves while handling the truckloads of stress and work that school and AP classes dump on all of us made me understand that I don’t have to sit at my desk and study all day for 20 or 30-year-old-me’s happiness. I can still be happy today. If I make an effort, I can do things that I enjoy and still work to ensure my future’s happiness.

Because of Emily Park’s soothing honey voice, I can live for a better today and an even better tomorrow.

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