Behind all architecture is an architect, and behind architect Luis Barragán is a whole lot of eccentricity. Perhaps even more colorful than his architecture was his personality.

A fascinating article about Barragán and the unusual circumstances following his death touched upon some of the renowned architect's most intriguing traits-- here are few:

1. He had his maid prepare entirely pink meals

Did the color of his food inspire the color of his buildings, or vice versa? The world may never know.

2. Barragán disinvited guests to tea when the lighting wasn't right

Who can blame him, though? Not me, that's for sure.

3. He enjoyed listening to classical music and fantasizing about the Russian gentry

He spent time reading Proust, too.

4. Barragán always gave gifts

Even to something like a casual lunch, he would bring small gifts like flowers or packages of dates.

5. He is now a diamond

Yep, Barragán is literally a real gem. His cremated remains were compressed into a diamond ring.