As a woman, I struggle on a daily basis with who I am. Sometimes I get caught up in how to change myself so more people will like me when everyone should just accept me for who I am. These 20 quotes from women around the JSU campus are here to pick you up when you're feeling down.

2. "Don't try so hard to make your parents happy when your happiness is all that matters."

3. "It's okay to spend time with your man instead of going out with the girls sometimes."

6. "Little girls with dreams, become women with vision."

8 "Be able to save yourself; don't look for a man too."

14. "Stop trying so hard for people who don't care."

15. "Don't forget to save yourself first."

16. "Be afraid and do it anyway."

17. "Rock bottom will teach you things that mountaintops never will."

18. "There's nothing prettier in the world than a girl in love with every breath she takes."

19. "The world will not treat you better just because you are a good person."

Each of these quotes came from special women I've had the pleasure of getting to know here at JSU. As we all grow older and work through college these 20 quotes have helped us overcome obstacles we've had to face while being here. Being a woman can be hard, but when you learn to love the way God molded you together, you realize how truly amazing we all are.