I ran out of ideas on what to write about, so I figured I would share ten things about myself.

1) Im super nostalgic about things and anything that reminds me of my childhood I am not fast to let go of. One of the most nostalgic things for me is the N64 we have, and I love all the old nintendo stuff and collected it for a while. Life is not always easy. I enjoy any sense of revisiting my youth when things were simpler and innocent.

2) I sometimes come across as blunt or perhaps uninterested when I speak, but in all honesty, I just don't believe in speaking just to hear yourself speak. You're not the only one who can string together over complicated sentences, so I feel that learning to cut out all the fluff and just getting to the basics can come across as intellectually greater than someone who speaks of nothing. This also can translate to music. sometimes artists need to learn how to just play music. They can stop worrying about over producing it or sticking all the bells and whistles on it before it is packaged and given to the people.

3) I am quite open with my peers because I feel that openness isn't what we make it out to be. One of the things I am really open about is my struggle with anxiety. Why? Because I learned that it is nothing that I asked for or can help, and I could try to hide it and act perfect. Or I could help encourage the hundreds of others around me who are in the same boat.

4) I have never kissed anyone, and it doesn't bother me. I just never felt that anyone was special enough to receive the honor to be the first one. People have came close, but that's about it.

5) I am unapologetically myself. I like what I like which is: wearing my docs everywhere I go and buying records I don't really have the money for. I learned at a young age I didn't want to live my life to impress those around me. Even if I couldn't relate to everyone around me, at the end of the day I wanted to at least relate with myself when I went home.

6) Punk music saved my life in a sense. I never felt like I fit in or had an outlet for my thoughts till I started to really get into punk music sophomore year of high school. I know people get annoyed when I try to share with them my interest in the music, but it has such a special place in my life that anyone who cares to listen usually finds a deep place in my heart pretty quick. It's funny how you take a normal kid slightly shy and reserved than dress him up in larger than life clothes that draw more attention to him and than he is more confident than ever. I love walking around in a denim vest with my docs and feeling like one of the original punks that walked the streets back in the day. Punk music is something God has given me that gives me a sense of self expression and and a voice to an otherwise reserved kid.

7) I am a hopeless romantic maybe not in the sense that you will see in movies with flowers or a boat with a little Italian man with a funny mustache. But I think about that stuff more than the average guy. My favorite type of movies are the same as your grandma, I will probably spend the whole month of December watching the Hallmark movies. I realize what is reality vs the movies but I also don't settle for something less than love.

8) Music is everything to me. Ever since I was four I knew I needed to do something with music. I knew that the thoughts wouldn't leave me alone util I made music for myself. I saw how music aided me in my anxieties and wanted nothing more than to do the same for others. I felt it as my duty. God has never spoken to me directly about it, but I have felt Him many times reassuring me that someday I would be able to give back and make music.

9) When It comes to clothes I'm not a huge fan of flashy. I like clothes that say something, that are comfortable and express that person. When it comes to girls I would rather see her in a flannel or just a normal t-shirt than some fancy get up. There is a beauty to simplicity and not trying to hard. (The doc Martens facebook has some cool stuff)

10) I love diversity, and I wish I was surrounded by it more. I like engaging in different cultures and being around those who are different from me. A lot of my friends in high school were hispanic or black and I often felt more at home with them than the white kids. I would love to travel back into England when they had the whole two tone ska thing going on. English working class white kids were living in very close proximity with Jamaican immigrants and the mixing of their cultures was truly amazing and beautiful.