50 Facts About My Dad For His 50th Birthday

March 3 is my dad's 50th birthday! So, in honor of the man, the myth, and the legend, here is a list of 50 facts about my dad. Some of them are things that annoy me, but I still love him just the same.

1. He goes by Flaps.

2. He's always here to support me and my brother.

3. He always know how to make me laugh.

4. He's really good at farting.

5. He gives great advice.

6. He works really hard.

7. He snores very loudly.

8. He is a terrible dancer and it's hilarious.

9. He's always positive.

10. He once sharted his pants in a Circuit City and had to throw his underwear away in the bathroom.

11. He's really good at making up his own lyrics to songs (especially when it comes to making fun of me and my brother).

12. Adam Sandler's "At A Medium Pace" is his karaoke song.

13. He can still do a keg stand.

14. He loves to dance to Madonna.

15. Flip cup is his favorite drinking game.

16. He's in a corn-hole league at Barnaby's .

17. He once backed into a tree and ripped a whole in the top of a rental RV.

18. He still rides motorcycles and dirt bikes.

19. He likes to eat Cool Ranch Doritos dipped in cottage cheese (which is revolting, in my opinion).

20. He's currently learning Spanish at our local community college.

21. He makes really good smoked chicken and turkey chili.

22. Pooping is one of his favorite topics of discussion.

23. He actually enjoys having diarrhea.

24. He turns into a man-baby when he gets even the slightest sniffle.

25. He's a great person to go to concerts with.

26. He's super creative.

27. He is the king of Snapchat.

28. He is know for snapping his farts to everyone on his friends list (including my friends).

29. He thinks he's a horse whisperer.

30. He once full-blown crapped his pants trying to fart while driving and had to get his truck detailed.

31. He taught me how to drive stick shift when I was fourteen.

32. He gives uncomfortably long hugs.

33. He taught me everything I know about poop and farts.

34. He used to pay me and my brother $0.25 per dog poop we scooped in the yard and make it a competition.

35. He used to pretend to be Joe Rogan and play "Fear Factor" with me and my neighbors.

36. He once tried to invent dog treats that would make dog poop neon so you could see it in the grass.

37. He's really good at riding wheelies.

38. He once made me late to school so he could teach me how to do donuts in the snow.

39. He likes to workout at the crack of dawn with his friends at the Y.

40. He has pooped his pants while running on multiple occasions.

41. His favorite candy is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

42. He always makes time for the people he cares about.

43. He put me on a dirt bike with training wheels when I was four years old.

44. He's really fun to mess with.

45. He likes to ask you to watch a movie and then fall asleep ten minutes into it (and then he snores).

46. He loves to travel.

47. He always motivates me to be my best self.

48. He wears hemp shoes.

49. He has excellent taste in music (most of the time).

50. He is my dad and I love him BIG MUCH.

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