10 Thoughts About Going Through Facebook After Graduation
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10 Brutal 'After Graduation' Thoughts I Have While Scrolling Through Facebook

I'm definitely a terrible person.

10 Brutal 'After Graduation' Thoughts I Have While Scrolling Through Facebook

No one really knows what to expect after high school. Some of us go off to college, others stick around and join pyramid schemes.

In the game of life, I chose the college path. I never realized how different that is from a lot of the people I went to high school with three years ago.

1. "Another one bites the dust..."

This is one that comes to mind pretty frequently, every time I see someone that's gotten married or announced a pregnancy. Good for them! I definitely have a tally going, though.

2. "That's adorable, when's it my turn?"

I'm definitely a hypocrite when it comes to stalking people on social media. I'll see that their significant other has done something adorable, or their child has taken their first steps and I'm left wanting what they have, even though I was critical of them before.

3. "I remember when you fought the teacher every day and skipped class when we had tests."

Everyone argues with a teacher, but there was always that one kid that would yell at the teacher and then walk out when they couldn't talk to their friend. But now they're probably doing great and institutional education wasn't right for them!

4. "I don't even recognize this person,"

People change a lot after high school. Duh. We learn who we are and change our appearances and personalities to what makes us most comfortable. There are plenty of people that have changed significantly since high school. The people that used to cut class are making a lot of money for their age, the people that kept their nose to the grindstones are struggling.

5. "You know, that makes a lot of sense."

I think every high school has those people that you just don't quite understand. Mine did - and then they did what we all thought they would do right after graduation and everything about them just kind of made sense and fell into place.

6. "No, I don't want any of your keto coffee or your hair pills."

Nothing grinds my gears than seeing the preppy kids from high school try and sell me their probable cancer containing, non-FDA approved pills that are supposed to help me shed weight. Get out of here with your #bossbabe pyramid scheme.

7. "I hope your music gets picked up off SoundCloud."

Contrary to what this article might suggest, I'm not critical of everyone. There are people that are trying hard to do what they love. I have plenty of Facebook friends that upload their new tracks to SoundCloud in hopes to get picked up by a label or producer.

8. "Why did I never realize they were hot?"

I had plenty of these realization moments. After high school, people glow up. There were at least 10 or 15 people that caught my eye after a while. I either never paid attention to them or didn't think they were attractive before.

9. "You change relationships and jobs more than your clothes."

There's always that one person that jumps from job to job and relationship to relationship and, in between, complains about how single they are, or how broke they are.

10. "Please stop quoting bible verses to justify your shitty behavior."

I'm not religious in the slightest, but I do know that people that do follow Christianity or really any religion probably doesn't appreciate your using their religious book to justify why you are a bad person.

I'm kind of a judgmental person, but I realized that I think all of these things on a daily basis, so I can't be the only person.

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