"Queer Eye" comes back March 15 and I am #excited, in anticipation, I have found 25 gifs of the Fab Five perfectly describe college life.

1. How you feel about school

3. Trying to get your shit together

2. Looking at your busy schedule...

And crying because of it

4. Leaving school

Whether it's for a break or just a weekend trip home, there's literally no bigger relief than being able to leave.

5. That feeling after working out for the first time in forever


7. Looking at your bank account

Especially when you realize how all of your money probably went towards coffee because the caffeine addiction is #strong

6. The "I just want to be done" feeling

8. Having to sit through a BORING lecture

Every week, twice a week... It never gets better.

9. Doing better on an exam than you thought

Especially the ones you're convinced that you failed...

10. Totally spacing out in class

And then pretending you weren't

11. When you get out class early

12. When something big happens in sports

Go [insert sports team here]!!

13. Seeing tour groups on campus

14. Pretending to listen to whatever your professor is talking about

15. Talking to your parents on the phone

16. That feeling after taking an exam you KNOW you didn't do well on

17. Going to a party with friends

18. How you feel after going out with friends

19. When someone asks you what you want to do with your major

This is what college is for, right??

20. Realizing how strong the procrastination game is

21. When the stress gets real

22. Walking to class in less than ideal weather

It can always be worse...

23. What it feels like right before taking an exam

Yeah... No one but yourself.

24. Seeing friends on campus

At some point or another, we all run into friends or people we know while on campus.

25. Accepting that you're in a constant state of tired

And knowing how much (or little) sleep you actually get... As I like to say, "It's fine. I'm fine. Everything's fine."