I could write the sappiest novel to ever exist about how life doesn't always go as planned.

And my friends, I had heard this time and time again, but for some reason, I always thought it was just on a smaller scale.

Ya' know like when your little and you planned on having Mac N' Cheese for lunch, but Mom is making PB & J, so you are having PB & J and she just blurts out, "While, life doesn't always go as planned!"

In my little kid brain, I figured that those mixed up plans involved mostly the little things and that for the most part, we had some say in the big ones.

For instance, I didn't think the "important" plans like where to go to college, or what to major in, or who to marry, or what to do with your life, or where to live would be the things that weren't so clear.

I thought that deciding what to eat for lunch was hard, so I just assumed that all the big things would just fall in to place. (Clearly, I am not the most logical human being to walk the Earth.)

Welp, when the real world (if that is what you call this realm of young adulthood?) hits, everything shifts and it is time make one decision after the other.

Friends, for the LONGEST (I am talking 20 whole years) time I desperately feared to make decisions and committing to anything...


A nail color at the salon was difficult for me to pick out.

Grocery shopping could even get stressful (DO YOU PAY THE EXTRA 30 CENTS FOR THE ORGANIC BANANAS OR NOT? I STILL DON'T HAVE ANSWERS). Picking out what I want from a menu could be a challenge.

Up until the last 2 months, making decisions was not my strong suit, and trust me when I say it is most definitely a work in progress.

Somewhere down the road, I think this stopped me from setting goals.

I mean there was no need to set any goals if I wasn't going to decide what to do next anyway, right? In my mind, I was just taking life as it came and seeing what the Good Lord threw on my path.

It was all fun and games until I realized that life comes with some BIG decisions, decisions that are more important than what nail color to pick or if I should buy the organic bananas.

Lately, it has been so apparent to me that though my indecisiveness, anxiety, and fear have caused me to stumble, they don't need to forever.

Currently, I am learning that thinking things through, saying some prayers, writing some journal entries, and setting some goals might not be terrible.

Perhaps transferring schools will lead you to some of the most influential people in your life. Or perhaps leaving your job will allow you to take a new and better opportunity.

I know that your roadblock might not be your indecisiveness. Maybe for you, it's the fear of letting others down. Or maybe it's the fear of failing after setting all of these goals. Or maybe it is that in the past you have failed to meet goals. Whatever it is, take it, address it, pray through it, think through it, and know that goal setting doesn't mean that you need to take complete control of your life.

We are all a work in progress.

We are all constantly changing and growing and learning.