20 Coffee Traditions From Around The World

20 Coffee Traditions From Around The World

Turns out there are multiple ways of saying coffee, but they all taste equally as wonderful.

20 Coffee Traditions From Around The World

What is the first thing that you think about in the early morn’? It may be “I am done with work/school, and I am going to lay here and enjoy my existence as a potato.” Or it may be a more common thought of sipping on a steaming cup o’ Joe waiting to be decorated with salted caramel drizzle or mocha infusions. One of the reasons why millions of people across the world wake up a tad early is to enjoy their true love of coffee in the morning by either stopping at their local coffee shop or creating their own cup o' sunshine themselves. One beautiful aspect of coffee is that it is universally treasured. There are Colombians who wake up to their religious cup of café, and then there are the Turkish who enjoy a quick ceremony before treating themselves their beloved coffee. Here is a glimpse into the world of the coffee bean, and how it has influenced many cultures to remain devoted to its familiar sweet aroma and one-of-a-kind taste.

1. Australia

This creamy Aussie favorite is made similarly to the latte in that it involves pouring steamed microfoam (rich smooth milk) over a charged espresso shot and eloquently decorated with signature hearts.

2. Italy

Italians always get food and beverage right, but their coffee is anything but conventional. They like to spice it up a bit by pairing their favorite creations with a tangy slice of lemon to bring out the vibrant tastes that are nestled in the coffees.

3. Vietnam

If you have a sweet tooth that can't be tamed, this coffee may be the solution to your cravings. This coffee is charged with a bold sweet taste that is derived from coarsely ground dark roast coffee beans. This insures the beans' unique flavors to be completely extracted and is then brewed right into a cup of condensed milk and ice through a French drip filter.

4. Senegal

In Senegal, the coffee is given an extra spice by adding Guinea pepper to the already bold coffee. If this weren't enough, cloves are also occasionally added to bind the flavors together. This spiced beverage is then roasted and ground to a course consistency and then finally filtered.

5. Morocco

Although this flavorful coffee is made as a black dark roast, it is then beautifully enfused with spices such as cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg that are sure to wake up the sleepiest of heads in the morning.

6. Hong Kong

If you ever had a coffee/tea dilemna and couldn't decide on which to get, then this smooth coffee and tea blend is for you. Combined with a rich creamy tea, the coffee is then mixed in for a unique marriage.

7. Ireland

According to this coffee-cocktail blend, it's never too early to involve whiskey into your morning routine. By blending in Irish whiskey into an already bold brew, this beverage is sure to get you off on the right foot in the morning.

8. France

You may be wondering why the coffee cup is so big? The answer is simple- easy crossaint dipping; and we would not have it any other way. Paired with equal parts of steamed milk and coffee, this take on French coffee is both picture perf and croissant handy.

9. Ethiopia

This coffee does not just simply involve your usual coffee machine, but has an actual ceremony to go along with the final bold product. This revered process involves roasting, grinding, brewing, and straining the quality brew.

10. Saudi Arabia

In the case of Saudi Arabian coffee, the serving etiquette determines whether or not they accept you in their home. If your cup is filled half-way, this means that the hosts are inviting you to stay and ask for more. If however your cup is filled full, this means that they want you to drink it fast and go on your merry way. Either way, the golden coffee is sure to be anything but disappointing- infused by cloves, cinnamon, and saffron. It is also often served with dried fruit or nuts. This brewing method is common in Najd and Hijaz.

11. Argentina

This Argentinian brew is made with steamed milk, light and airy foam, and decorated only with a hint of coffee often referred to as a 'teardrop.'

12. Brazil

Although it may look like your usual black coffee brew, this cafezinho is anything but basic! The coffee is pre-sweetened and similar to espresso in that it involves a bold kick of concentrated coffee bean and served in a small cup.

13. New Zealand

Often referred to a flat white, the condensed latte is made with one or two shots of espresso and “about 180ml of milk” (a latte has over 220ml of milk.)

14. Spain

This cafe bombon is sure to please the sweetest tooth, paired with equal parts espresso coffee and condensed milk, this brew serves as a quick reminder that heaven is real.

15. Thailand

Traditional Thai coffee or kaafee tung, is hot coffee that is filtered using a cloth filter or gauze bag. This is often served extra sweet with the addition of condensed milk and sugar to boost the flavor.

16. Turkey

It's no problem drinking the coffee grounds out of your coffee cup in Turkey, because unlike other coffee, Turkish coffee is unfiltered. This involves the use of a cezve, small brass or copper pot, to simmer the finely coarsed roast beans leaving an exquisite coffee a la Türk kahvesi.

17. Mexico

Ay Ay Ay! Cafe from Mexico is specially spiced and simmered with a cinnamon stick and piloncillo (unrefined cane sugar) to bring out the natural colors that are embedded in the coffee beans. Locals believe that if it is served in a clay mug, the java's flavors are even more pronounced.

18. Japan

Known for it's robust flavor, Japanese coffee is brewed through an ardous process that results in a one-of-a-kind coffee masterpiece.

19. Malaysia

This powerful brew can be used as a well-deserved treat after a hard day's work. Consisting of three parts black coffee and seven parts Hong Kong- style milk tea (black tea and milk), it's almost guaranteed that Monday's will feel like Friday's.

20. Austria

If you are a cappuccino type of coffee lover, this beverage has potential to become your next fav. First an espresso shot is topped off with a light layer of steamed milk and milk foam, and then it is finished with a thick layer of whipped cream and cocoa powder accents.

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