Why It's Okay To Express That You're Happy On Social Media
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Why It's Okay To Express That You're Happy On Social Media

Who invented the rules of Facebook, anyway?

Why It's Okay To Express That You're Happy On Social Media
Colleen Lipold

I have been using social media for over eight years. I have always thought of it as a way to connect, share, and express ones opinions and lives. (because, isn't that what it's suppose to be?) I've noticed that a lot of people on social media, mainly Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, have a problem with people being "too happy". Apparently, it's annoying.

I have one responds to this: What?

Which is why I'd like to make a few things clear to people who think that others peoples happiness is annoying.

1. It's okay for someone to post about their significant other.

It doesn't mean that they don't have friends. It doesn't mean that they're "overcompensating" for a bad relationship. It doesn't mean that they're obsessed with each other.

I think it just means that they're happy...and showing it...and why is that bad? Why is it "annoying" that two people who spend their time together like showing other people what they're up to or the cute dates they went on or whats new? Even when I wasn't in a relationship, other couples that posted about each other never came off as annoying to me. They were just happy, and whats wrong with being happy?

2. It's okay for someone to be proud of their accomplishments.

Making Dean's List is something to be proud of. Getting accepted to the school of your dreams is amazing. Graduating is an accomplishment, and these things deserved to be shared!

3. It's okay to have different Political / Religious views

It's 100 percent okay to have a different religious or political view from someone else. However, it goes both ways. Social media is an outlet that so many people use to express and share their views. And if you don't like it/ don't agree with someone else, don't read it.

4. It's okay to be happy that you're single

It's okay to make jokes. Say that women/men are "the worth". Laugh about all of the cats you're going to own. Share all the memes there are to share. Being single isn't a bad thing. Neither is sharing it.

5. It's okay to be obsessed with a sports team

Personally, I could talk about the Cavs winning the NBA championship, Indians making it the The World Series, or the Browns almost going 0-16 all day. People get passionate about sports, and that's a great thing!

Basically, the point of this article is reminding everything that other peoples happiness is never a bad thing. It's not "annoying". Sharing what's going on in ones life/ opinions is the point of social media!! If you really don't like seeing the happy couples, college kids making Dean's List, or Uncle Bob's opinions on Trumps presidency, mute, block, or unfollow them, and stop making other feel bad for being happy with their lives.

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