If I didn't write these words, speak my mind, or think these thoughts, then someone else would.

The interesting thing about your thoughts is that, for the most part, they are unique to you. But at the same time, as much as I would love to take credit for certain ideas, I feel that most thoughts are not mine alone. Almost every thought I've had, to some extent has either been prefaced in the past or is potentially capable in the future by an outside source. Although this may be true, that doesn't mean I shouldn't share my opinions. Your point of view has a definitive way of how you observe things, and without explanation, you may never be able to see things the way I do. One of the many reasons I'm obsessed with writing is that it gives the author an opportunity to express their emotions, their thoughts, their feelings, them. My heart is put to rest with the freeing of my voice, and these words demand escape.

I prefer analytical writing to depict my thoughts, but I support expressing every part of you, even the most controversial of topics that bring up discussion.

As a reader, you can choose what to read. If something bothers you or you dislike it then you can simply refrain from reading it. As a writer, however, there are risks you cannot escape; will people read my work, and if they do will they actually enjoy it?

In all honesty, I write for myself and for no one else, but if these words impact just one life, induce you to ponder new things, or transpire to make you question the unescapable persistence of routine, I consider every phrase a success.

The risks in writing make it worthy of my precious time, but I'm not positive I'll ever be satisfied. Writing is an illusory escape meant to transport you, the reader, into the sophisticated labyrinth of my mind. Sometimes the journey is confusing and disoriented, but the destination is a glimpse into my mind, the purest most beautiful part of me. Many people think they become vulnerable in sharing the deepest parts of them, but I draw strength from my expositions and it drives me on to persistently stretch my capabilities.

What makes me a writer? What makes anyone a writer? Simply putting words on paper does not justify the right to that title, otherwise, everyone would be a "writer," and where's the individualization in that? To be a writer takes more than words; it takes passion. It takes devotion. It takes insatiable appetite and overwhelming desire. No, not everyone can write, and that is completely acceptable. Writing works for me, but for everyone who doesn't write, find a reliable form of expression that fits. Paint a picture, play an instrument, sculpt art, or sing a song. In everything you do comes expressive tendencies, and it doesn't necessarily have to correlate to the arts. Share who you are in your job, in your actions, in your voice.

Share who you are and be proud of that, because the world needs everything that you are.