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Have you thought about your future plans lately? Have you changed your mind over and over again wondering if you chose the right major or if you're on the right track. I know in the past three or so years I have. I have went from wanting to be a politician to wanting to be a lawyer to wanting to be a chef to wanting to be an international teacher. I have had heart to heart conversations with myself. I had to ask myself do I really want to be a lawyer? I do, but not as soon as I finish undergrad. Am I into politics? Yes, but not enough to make a career out of it. Do I really think I should be a chef just because according to my little sister I make the best chili cheese dogs? No, I probably shouldn't…even though my chili recipe is the-bomb.com. I said all that to say this, life is unpredictable and it is hard at time to know where it is going. Luckily for me I discovered what my calling is and I hope that the story I am about to tell will inspire someone else to follow their faith and believe in the signs given to them.

So this summer I was discerning a lot about my future. I had always known for certain I was going to be a lawyer. I always knew that I would live a good life as a single man and with no time and lots of money. Something changed this summer however, I realized that would be such a lonely and boring life for me. I realized I want to do something to benefit someone who I can learn from and benefit from as well. I realized I wanted to be a teacher. The funny thing is I always said I'd never teach. My mother is a teacher and I have other family members who are teachers and they all say the same thing… They love their jobs but it's a lot of work and it's not something I should do because it is not the highest paid job, even though it should be! Teachers are the very fabric of this country, without teachers we wouldn't have the people who lead us today but that's another topic for another article. I must digress.

The first sign was the weirdest thing. I was online playing games with virtual strangers. I came across this guy who lived in Japan and he started telling me all about how he had been teaching English as a foreign language since he graduated undergrad in America. He told me all about the program he was in and gave me the website because I told him I was interested in doing this as my life career. The crazy thing is when I met this dude he had no idea that I was interested in teaching English to anyone and I had no idea he was going to have an impact on my life. I never spoke to that guy again but that's okay because he did his job.

The Lord worked through him and got the message across that I should really consider this as my life career. I'm very spiritual you see, I believe in signs. The next crazy thing that happened was I put YouTube on my smart tv and everyone knows how YouTube shuffles through millions of random videos based on what it thinks you might be interested in. YouTube literally put on a video about Japanese culture, from that moment on I was convinced! This was my calling. I did the research and I found out that the jobs to teach in English in foreign countries (especially in Japan where I want to go first) are obtainable for those who want them.

In conclusion, I must say that this time I am convinced this is the mission for my life. It may not be the full mission, there may be more but this is a part of my mission. I am very happy with this mission too. I am going through a struggle right now but I know that one must get through the rain to see the rainbow on the other side. The first thing I'm doing when I graduate college is applying for the JET program so I can start my life's mission to teach English and spread my love across the globe. I hope you got something out of this and don't be afraid to think about your future. It's yours! If your mind changes a thousand times you have that right. Live, love and be happy. We only have one life to live, hell we might as well do it all and live it up!

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