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Experiment 626

What you and Stitch have in common with finals week

Experiment 626
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dWell, seniors, we're just one week away from finals week and from walking the stage we've looked forward to for the past four years. But before we make that walk, we have to survive our last undergrad finals week. Like any good senior student who should be studying and writing papers, I watched Lilo and Stitch instead. Turns out, we soon-to-be college grads have a lot in common with Stitch's behavior. Don't think so? See for yourself.

When you realize you need to make at least a 300 on the exam to pull your grade up.

Struggling to make it through your third exam and it's only Monday.

Studying for your exam and everything just seems foreign.

Congrats. You studied for 10 hours and still can't remember a single thing.

When your friend asks you if you're ready for the exam and you had no idea it was today.

When you have to submit a group project as the final exam and that one member won't do their part.

When you turn in your final paper and it's at least a solid D.

Turning in your exam to the teacher you've loathed all semester.

"We'll offer you $5 for your $400 textbook."

When you realize it's graduation day and you're not ready to leave university.

But then it's time to take graduation pictures with your closest friends and you've never felt better

Best of luck, class of 2017! See you on stage. Unless you fail the final. (Don't do that.)

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