Christmas time is a beautiful time. Filled with awesome weather, TV shows, movies, family, snow, and much more. But when spending the holidays with a significant other they will have to adjust to handle your Christmas-lovin' self. Buddy the Elf can guide just about anyone through the holidays, especially when experiencing it with a "special someone." Here are many inevitable situations your and your boyfriend/girlfriend will endure this holiday season:

1. They will witness you get way too excited for Christmas.

And they better love you for it.

2. You make a ridiculous amount of plans.

How many times are we going to see the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree?

3. Every time you enter a store, you feel the need to buy something for them.

It’s hard when everything you see is a perfect gift.

4. You will then have to realize that you can’t afford to get them everything you want.

It was a short-lived dream.

5. They will be able to notice your complete change in mood during the holidays.

The thought of Christmas makes you want to be a nice person for 1 month out of the year.

6. The holidays make you very mushy

All of a sudden you realize that you actually have feelings.

7. And as the weather continues to get colder…you get even mushier.

For some odd reason, you feel the need to vocalize these feelings…all the time.

8. Your s/o knows not to tell you that Santa isn't real.

How rude.

9. You will inevitably be dragged or drag your s/o to many family events, and they will have to memorize a ridiculous amount of names.

You probably don’t even know half of your extended family member’s names, but they will still try to learn them.

10. You won’t be ashamed to let your boyfriend/girlfriend see you eat unreal amounts of food.

It’s the holidays, it’s allowed.

11. They inevitably will not be able to keep up with your holiday spirit.

Oh, you’re sad you just failed your final?! Don’t be, because Christmas is in two weeks!

12. And finally, they will have to come to terms with the fact that you will quote "Elf" in every single situation possible.

Happy Holidays!