To set the record straight, excuses are like raindrops. The more you decide to throw them into your everyday life, the more you'll start to feel yourself drown because of them. No one ever likes to admit when they've forgotten to do an assignment to their teacher, and do you really feel that good about canceling all of your plans with the ones you love?

You're probably thinking right now, "Wait, am I an excuse maker?" The answer is probably because we're human, remember? We make mistakes, we make messes, we make excuses, and we're human! But it is possible to start drowning in your own excuses!

I think it's important to look at the reason that we make excuses. It starts out as something so simple, and then you find yourself losing accountability of yourself and the excuses come tumbling in! Finding that accountability to stay connected within yourself is really important and helps you to focus more on what you need and want to get done.

Another way we find ourselves drowning in excuses is when we put things off until the last minute. Don't be a procrastinator! Procrastination is full of excuses, and you never want to be sucked into that abyss.

Some ways you can always try to be on your P's and Q's is by purchasing a planner. Planners are great because they come in all different sizes. So, if you're someone who just simply needs to jot down a few words to remember your objectives, then a smaller planner is definitely for you. If you're someone like me who loves writing motivational notes along with objectives and a few doodles here and there, then a larger planner would be a great fit.

One of the cool things about planners nowadays is the fact that so many of them come with stickers, and what better way to remind yourself of something than to stick a little sticker next to it?

Another way of avoiding excuses is setting alarms. It sounds a little absurd to set an actual alarm for completing an assignment, but if you're someone who purchases a planner and doesn't look at it after week two of the semester, alarms are your best bet.

What better way to avoid excuses than to have your alarm scream at you to get it done?

There's no secret recipe to being a go-getter; you just have to own it and go do it!