When Will We Stop Making Excuses For The Men Who Have Wronged Us?

It's a cycle. He does something wrong that leaves your heart shattered, you cry, and then you forgive him, and it all begins again. Every single time he crushes you, you come back to him, so it happens time and again. I know you don't enjoy the pain so why do you come back to it?

You tell yourself it's love and that justifies it in your mind. If only you could see clearly. Open your eyes.

If a man treats you with anything less than respect on multiple occasions, it's time to pack your stuff up and leave because no amount of abuse can be worth the supposed love he gives you in return. We're told that we only get one true love in our lives, so we think that the stuff he's doing that hurts us is okay because you won't find anything better. Or maybe you tell yourself that everyone goes through this and you need to suck it up.

No, you don't. Sweetie, c'mon. Pick yourself up and start seeing things clearly. You may love him, but do you feel your love is returned?

It's time to admit that you've run out of excuses and start seeing things for as they are. See him as the guy who keeps betraying your trust and taking you for granted. Look for someone who isn't dumb enough to make the mistakes he's making.

He isn't the one. He has some growing up to do and while he's fixing his problems, you need to find better horizons and give yourself only the best.

Stop making excuses and stop hiding the pain. You need to move on from him because he doesn't deserve you. Women having given men too many chances in the past and have let them get away with abuse and neglect. They've reached their limit. Don't fall into that category. Change your fate.

Say no more. We've got your back.

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