Self-Love and Knowledge

This year I have learned how to process black and white film, feel more comfortable taking pictures in public, driving on the highway, socializing more and listening to various podcasts on topics of Christianity, Buddhism, and self-love.

In the past, I would always play games and watch YouTube videos on my phone 24/7. My intelligence wasn't fulfilled because I wasn't learning. I now use YouTube videos to learn about self-care/self-love. Whenever I'm stressed or feeling like nothing is going my way, I take a deep breath, meditate for five minutes and listen to a podcast. I also work out whenever I can.

Learning about topics like Christianity, Buddhism and politics can enhance a conversation because at least you're not talking about the weather. I love understanding how someone’s mind works because we are all different. We should always aim to ask questions, even if they are personal and try to understand them. Our opinions don't have to be all the same and that's why it's interesting to see another persons' perspective.

There are times I have struggled with driving on the highway because of my anxiety but I am glad to say my anxiety has decreased.

I was uncomfortable photographing in public but I enjoyed taking pictures and will no longer care what others think.

The biggest lesson I learned was to no longer be afraid. The only person that was holding me back was myself.

I enjoy listening to podcasts in the morning because it stimulates your mind. Hot water with honey can really calm you down. At least it calms me down.

I have found a love for listening to Christian music. It started in high school but it came back recently. Not sure why but I feel safe listening to it.

I found friends I can have a stimulating conversation with and it's thrilling to learn new things. Back in middle school and high school, no one cared about education but we should fall in love with learning. If not in school then read a book on a topic you care about. It's satisfying to know your time was spent learning rather than wishing you can enough time to use it wisely.

Life can get easier but only if you release stress, overthinking and the feeling that everyone is out to get you out of the way.

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