Forgiveness. A very powerful force that very few dares reckon with.

With you, forgiveness didn't come easy, it was me fighting day and night with the guilt of me doing something wrong. You made me feel so worthless and powerless and like I had no fight left. I was drained from your hurtful actions.

You waited four months for me to find out about what you had done, but even then the words were not drawn from your lips. I am ashamed that I tried to make things right and we tried to continue to date, but unfortunately, things did not work out. Unfortunately, I could not bring myself to feel love from you ever again, because, my dear, it seems that we lost that when you decided to look for it in another girl.

My heart was broken because my happiness was found within another person and they destroyed it. I didn't want to start over with someone new. You were everything I had ever needed and wanted, but clearly, I wasn't what you needed or wanted.

Starting from square one was the hardest thing to do because I am now ridden with trust issues and it's hard to find the love I thought I had. Maybe, it's time to move on from the love I had and focus on the love I need now.

God has sent me a wonderful relationship and I'm so thankful for it. I'm thankful for the joy he brings me every day.I'm thankful he sticks by me when things get rough because he knows my heart and he knows what I've been through. I'm thankful he prays for me and with me.

This isn't a message of hatred and disgust. This is a message of forgiveness and hopes that you find what you need in life. I've forgiven you for what you have done. It's been a long time coming.


Your non-bitter ex-girlfriend.