Everything You'll Find In A Girl's Group Chat
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Everything You'll Find In A Girl's Group Chat

The phone is continuously bleeping.

Everything You'll Find In A Girl's Group Chat

There are few things as dynamic and confusing as a group chat. Multiple friends throwing out their thoughts into a singular chat creates a chaos that threatens to blow up your phone whenever a major event is happening. The group chat is its own living thing keeping a friendship tied together in a warm hug. It's where plans are made and therapy sessions take place. And it's your go to/ slightly creepy spot to check out Find Your Friends. Then, of course, the most crucial part of the group chat are the pictures being sent back and forth.

1. The Screenshots

Everything from conversations with crushes to silly dad jokes are fly into the group chat. No relationship can really start without advice from all your closest friends on what to say next.

2. GIFs

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I'd say a GIF is at least double that. There is somehow the perfect saying or clip for every situation and girls always find them. A sarcastic ok is so much stronger when it's coming from Kermit the Frog.

3. Crushes

All of the girls have to see proof of the newest boy in the picture. Hopefully, they have a decent profile picture or you'll be forced to add in the qualifier that they're a lot cuter in person.

4. Clothes

Whenever you're not sure about an outfit, this is the best place for advice. And it keeps from anyone accidentally matching too well.

5. Buzzfeed Quiz Results

The perfect way to pass time and also find out how similar all of you are.

6. Debates

Every Internet phenomenon gets debated back and forth with no consensus at the end. Whenever anything is happening in the world it's happening in the group chat too.

Then comes everything else from haircuts to videos of goats screaming, and sometimes just a funny face to brighten a bad day. The group chat is the perfect representation of the friendship. Every group picture you ever take gets sent through here and every embarrassing moment of one's life is documented within these lines.

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