33 Things That Were Totally Wrong With 'High School Musical'

33 Things That Were Totally Wrong With 'High School Musical'

I wouldn't think "impossible" was in your vocabulary.

Chances are that you've seen at least one "High School Musical" installment, or have at least heard of the Disney Channel series. If you're reading this article, chances are even higher that you're here to defend your childhood dreams or wanting to see what I have to say.

OK, yes, "High School Musical" is a Disney CLASSIC, and despite being the greatest musical numbers Disney has ever had (I mean, come on... Have you HEARD "Breaking Free"?), there are still some quirks and kinks that make this movie take a step down from its' pedestal and makes you question everything you've ever known.

So, will all due respect, here is everything wrong with the movie "High School Musical."

1. Vanessa Hudgens is referred to as "Vanessa Anne Hudgens" and while that may be her real name, Vanessa Hudgens would have sufficed.

Seriously, no one calls my queen by her full name unless you're her mom, then continue as you were Gina.

2. Gabriella's mother takes Gabriella's book from her.

Excuse me, but as an avid reader myself, my mom sometimes complained about my lack of social skills, but she never took a book away from me. Reading is a great way to broaden the strength of the brain and I don't think mothers want to take that away from a child.

3. Troy and his dad look as if they have been playing basketball all night, and while practice makes perfect, I'm pretty sure that NO ONE, not even the Boltons, play basketball all day when on vacation.

Sure, I've practiced a sport while on vacation, but I didn't reserve my entire night to spend time shooting hoops with one of my parents.

4. The audience forcing Troy and Gabriella on stage and the two of them hardly even putting up a fight once they are up there.

Seriously, have you ever seen anyone else act so shy on the ground and NOT on the stage? (I'm looking at you, Troy.)

P.S: They never thanked the karaoke host!!!

5. Their harmonies and chemistry are on point.

Without knowing each other or rehearsing beforehand, there is no way that one of them would not have messed up on their pitch or the uncanny glances at one another.

6. They are on vacation for NYE/NYD and they don't even make an effort to watch the ball drop.


7. The fact that Gabriella's picture on Troy's phone looks nothing like it should.

He took the picture straight on and in dim lighting. However, when in homeroom, Troy calls her and the picture is bright and of the left side of Gabriella's face. This is true for Troy's picture in Gabriella's phone too because other than it being well lit, the picture appears to be taken from an upward angle instead of downward as Troy took it.

8. The coincidence that Gabriella is transferred to the exact school that Troy goes to.

I don't know, but it seems a little fishy to me.

9. That Troy and Gabriella had not spoken in a week even though they have each other's number.

I mean, really? Disney is trying to tell me that although these two teenagers who seem to be very interested in one another have not talked or texted for an entire week? I know people are busy, but teenagers aren't that busy.

10. Troy: "I don't want my team to find out I like to sing..."
Also Troy: "Let's add a musical number in basketball practice with 'Get'cha Head In the Game.'"

And the fact that his teammates don't question this? They also know all the words and choreography. Yeah, sure Troy, they definitely will not find out this way. Also, that last part there? That's double dribbling.

P.S: Are you sure that you've never done this before?

11. Not to mention that the basketball team has two practices a day.

Which, by the way, is illegal and after school, Troy goes home and... you guessed it, plays basketball (for the third time) with his dad.

12. The pitches clashing when Sharpay and Ryan sing "don't have to say a word" during their audition.


13. Ms. Darbus claims to want to get more people involved in theatre, but initially denies Troy and Gabriella a chance to audition despite being a tad bit late.

This woman in a walking contradiction.

14. When Troy and Gabriella sing after the auditions, Troy appears to be reading the sheet music when he's never had any experience with music reading before.

This isn't as shocking for Gabriella because we know that she's been in a church choir and therefore would know how to read music.

15. The entire "Stick To The Status Quo" song.

Literally anytime anyone says that can sing, or proves that they can, it is considered "cool," so in general I do not understand why Troy or Gabriella wanted to hide it. This applied to baking, dancing, and playing instruments, so one question. WHY?!

16. All of the free time they have to sit and talk about their feelings, rehearse, or literally anything else.

Do you not have classes?! Not to mention the ones that they actually do go to, they're usually late.

17. Troy misses practice because he is rehearsing and is not penalized, afterward he says he's going to "work on free throws," and he doesn't follow the free throw line.

That would not fly with any coach, even if they are your parent. There is always a penalty! He also shoots in front of the free throw line every single time.

18. Chad says all sorts of bad things about theatre, yet he knows Michael Crawford.

Something isn't adding up, Chad.

19. Troy doesn't notice that Chad and another teammate set up a computer and a camera to film him saying the awful things about the auditions and Gabriella.

You didn't fool me, boys.

20. Gabriella's hair is somewhat straight until the ends, but in the next glimpse of her we see, it's more curled.

This song was definitely not shot in one day or take.

21. Chad, Zeke and one other teammate find Troy's "secret hiding spot," although he nor Gabriella reveal where it is or how to get there.

Further, Troy doesn't question how they found him or if they were following him.

22. Gabriella has the room with the balcony.

Seriously Mama Montez, did you not want that for yourself?

23. I highly doubt that any teacher would change the call back auditions just because one person wants to do so.

Why would she?

24. Who has a championship basketball game at 3:30 p.m.?

Apparently the East High Wildcats, that's who.

25. The judges of the Scholastic Decathlon allow Taylor to use a computer DURING the competition.

Pardon me, but wouldn't that be considered cheating even if she weren't using to cheat.

26. Troy leaves the game before the call is made to exit the gym.

Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure that no coach or dad would allow that.

27. Chad pulling the ultimate cock-block and shoving a basketball between Troy and Gabriella.

Doesn't he understand the Bro Code?

28. Gabriella goes to win her decathlon after auditions, but she's in clothes the next time we saw her (after the game).

Did she go to home to change? Did she bring clothes with her to change into? WHY? Kelsi also is in different clothes.

29. Sharpay is actually nice to even after she didn't land the role.

Sharpay worked her butt off for that show and was mean when she thought she had it in the bag, but when she realizes she did not get the role, she is nice. What?

30. Troy changes his clothes while his teammates remain in their uniforms.

Again, the question yields... WHY?

31. Everyone knows "All In This Together."

Is the alma mater? Do they have a dance to go along with the alma mater? Why does the entire student body know it?

32. The school allowing Gabriella's and Kelsi's heels on the gym floor.

Those things can ruin the floor!

33. We never figured out what the play, or "Mus-i-CAL" as Ms. Darbus would say, was about.

The ultimate plot twist.

Cover Image Credit: The Walt Disney Company

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Then, I did the same thing with the dry ingredients.

After that, I dumped everything together and combined all of the ingredients.

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