I don't wear dress unless it is a formal occasion. The only formal things I did attend during high school was semi and senior banquet. I never went to prom during high school; didn't want to go during junior year, senior year went and saw Hedwig and the Angry Inch: The Musical instead. I thought that I escaped the dreaded prom dress shopping but then, the zipper broke on the back of my dress I was going to use for the prom like dance hosted here at the PAC. So to my mom's delight, we went prom dress shopping. Here are some of thoughts I had while shopping with my mom.

1. UGH

I usually a one shop then done kinda person. My mom isn't; she likes to make sure that all the options are seen before the leaving the mall. This means trying on nearly every dress at three shops.

2. Can I get food yet?

It may have only been five minutes since my mom and I have arrived , but my mind is already on important things. Pretzel and Candy Store, here I come... soon as I find a dress. Which will be a going to be a while.

3. Where do the arms go?

There are so many holes besides the three for the arms and the head. If you accidentally put one arm in the wrong whole, you will get stuck and will sadly have to ask your mom, sister, or a friend for help to get you out. If this hasn't happened to you ... you are one lucky son of a gun.

4. Nope

There's always that one dress you like when it is on the rack, but you try it on and it's just a flat nope. It either looks horrible on you or you look at the price tag.

5. People actually wear this?

Some of the dresses seemed to be very expensive for a dress they might only wear only once. ( I won't shame anyone who wants to wear a dress that is more revealing than something I would wear).

6. Please let this be cheap.

Checking the price tag of any dress, you pray that it will cheap enough. Usually , it isn't case and i wonder how a piece of clothing could cost so much.

7. That's gotta be cold.

One dress I tried on, I knew that even if I wore it in June , it would be cold. Anyone who wanted to wear this dress could go ahead but, I rather not be cold.

8. It costs how much?!!!

The dress I ended up with going with less than originally thought. Thank goodness for sales. Then , it went down even more. *happy dance as Hamilton plays in my mind*

9. Can I wear my converse with it?

If I wear this dress, could I wear my converse with it? As a almost 19 year old women, I asked my mom. I have never seen her looked so disappointed in her life.

10. We have only been here for twenty minutes...

I thought hours had passed; no as my mom informed me it had only been twenty minutes. And still no food yet.

11. I like it.

The dress I picked made my mom swear, that was enough to decide that it was the one. I felt like King George III from Hamilton; fabulous. With red lipstick, I felt like the bell of the tom boys. Basically , the opposite of how I am actually am.

All in all, we only spent two hours in the mall which isn't that bad considering that including moving store to store.

Thanks for reading! :)