Everyone Goes Through Tough Times, But It Gets Better, I Promise

Everyone Goes Through Tough Times, But It Gets Better, I Promise

Sometimes you just have to get through the bad times-- and cookies help!


My winter break was pretty eventful. For one, I worked all break. My boyfriend came up for Christmas. I spent some amazing days with him. He was the one part of my break that made me genuinely happy. I was also glad to see my family because I really missed my nieces.

However, I did go through a tough time. It tends to be difficult around the holidays, maybe it is just the season. I basically cut off all my internet usage. I lost contact with everyone (except my boyfriend) for a while. As I said, all I did was work and go home.

Going back to school yesterday, I noticed a lot of my friends went through the same thing. The holidays seem to be hard on everyone these days. Everyone has something going on, whether it is school, family, friends or spouses. Sometimes, you just have to make it through each day and believe it is going to get better.

I have not submitted an article in weeks. I have had zero creativity and I have just felt mentally and emotionally exhausted. Sometimes I don't even know what to do about it. I am just hoping that it will get better with time. I hope 2019 is my year and everyone else's year.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a great new year!

(And if you don't celebrate Christmas, I hope your holiday/break, in general, was great!)

Also, my favorite thing about going back to Atlanta was Insomnia Cookies! Open till 3 A.M.

It is truly delicious!

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11 Thoughts That I Have Every Day While I'm Trying To Eat Lunch At The Top Of Lenoir

Emphasis on "trying."


We all know Lenoir Dining Hall is the epitome of chaos between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., Monday through Friday. Here are some daily thoughts I have while navigating the famished hordes in everyone's favorite dining establishment.

1. "Why is there a 4,000-person long line when the best thing they're serving today is pizza?"


I mean, really? I can't say anything because I'm a member of this line, but why are we doing this? Why are we waiting so long just to smuggle out a few apples and a coffee cup full of probably-not-coffee?

2. "Great, the escalator isn't working again."


Have to get that cardio in before lunch, I guess.

3. "What if you didn't take up this whole pathway walking .1mph?"


I've literally quoted Dwight Schrute while walking through Lenoir — and I'm sure I'm not the only one. If you plan on meandering along like a turtle — Get. Out. Of. The. Way.

4. "Are you seriously taking up a whole 4-person table just to sit there on your laptop?"


This might come as a shock to you, but some of us need to eat lunch before we go to class. There are like a million libraries here...why are you taking up a whole table just to study? Obviously this doesn't apply if you study while you eat, but if you're done with your food — leave.

5. "I could always beg a stranger to let me sit with them."


I might make a new friend or I might sit in awkward silence for 30 minutes. At least I have somewhere to set my plate, right?

6. "You know, I can just stand by the pizza and eat with one hand."


Once you've searched for a table for 20 minutes, it's time to give up. The inconveniencing spirits of Lenoir have won this day. Try again tomorrow.

7. "This was not worth the wait or the swipe. They better have good desserts today."


On the bright side, you aren't at Chase Dining Hall, so at least the ice cream (or should I say, frozen yogurt) machine might be working.

8. "Should I take my lunch plates to the dish return before I get dessert so it doesn't look like I've eaten a 7-course meal?"


Yes, I have four plates, three bowls, and the wrapper from an ice cream cone. Mind ya business.

9. "How many pieces of chocolate ganache cake could I eat consecutively before it killed me?"


Bright side, you can't do homework if you're in a sugar coma.

10. "I wonder if a piece of cake would fit in a coffee cup?"


Be careful, they're watching.

11. "Will they notice if I put 7 apples in my bag?"


The answer is yes, yes they will.

Good luck, fellow Tar Heels. We're all in this dining hall struggle together.

P.S. The chocolate cake really is good.

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An Open Letter To The City Council of Munford, Alabama

The Eagles said it best, "You can't hide your lyin' eyes."


In October of 2018, my Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp #454 (Samuel C. Kelly) was looking for a meeting spot. After much searching, and some hateful treatment by staff at the Friendship Community Center, we found Munford. It seemed like a godsend The Mayor came out of her office when she heard us discussing with the staff what plans we had regarding our camp meetings if approved. The Mayor, Mrs. Fambrough was thrilled that we had come to Munford. She literally welcomed our camp with open arms. After a brief discussion, she told us that she was perfectly fine with us meeting there. She did add that we need to introduce ourselves (myself and my Lieutenant) to the council. To clarify any questions or answer any questions. We made plans to attend, added ourselves to the agenda, and waited.

December 4th rolled around, we attended wearing coats and ties. We began handing out information packets in the council meeting. Adding that this was a work session for the council, there were some absentees. I took this into consideration and I left additional information packets with the Mayor. We were again graciously accepted by all in attendance. We left a $300 check with the Magistrate of the town to be used towards the upkeep of the meeting hall we intended to be using. All went well after that, and we left so the council could finish their business.

December 11, 2018 I received a text message in all caps saying: "DO NOT EVER PUT A REBEL FLAG AT THE BLUE HOUSE! YOU WILL NO LONGER MEET THERE IF THAT'S THE CASE! Thank You" Baffled, bewildered, and confused to say the least, I had no idea what to do. The "rebel flag" she refers to is the Confederate battle flag. The literal trademarked logo of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. In fact, the Sons have full ownership, this is stated by the Confederate Veterans who voted to pass this organizational responsibility down to the Sons.

I set up a meeting with the mayor 48 hours from the time I received the text message, I carried more documents to explain to her the importance of this organization. She acted like there was no misunderstanding. We would be allowed to use our flags, as long as we did not leave them in the meeting place permanently. She once again had a smile on her face and was glad to have us. We left in a confused state

January rolled around, we held our first camp meeting and began planning events for the year. This was to include voluntary painting the meeting house inside, improving the lights, removing old wallpaper, and restoring the front porch. The meeting went well. We had about 8 in attendance, all were ready to help improve our new meeting place. Having a new meeting place meant taking pride in it, our podium was left on loan there, we hung framed articles of local history there, and even began working on a project that would include a crowd of possibly 10,000 people.

All of these plans collapsed when we submitted a letter of agreement to the City, as requested. The city began a month-long period of feet dragging. Instead of the council agreeing, they did not provide an answer.

On February 7th, 12 days before our camp meeting, I received an email. The Mayor stated that the council decided not to agree to our terms, they offered little to no options for a renegotiation or a meeting to try and get this decision reversed. We were told to come to Munford retrieve our belongings. I immediately demanded our donation check back, which they agreed to return.

My purpose in writing this letter is to ask the City Council, why were we refused? The Sons of Confederate Veterans is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit. By denying us the right to meet, even by paying you have opened up the opportunity for us to sue for discrimination. A. Federal. Court. Opportunity.

Munford, this is not the attention you want. We as an organization deserve answers. I have moved on, but for the sake of my camp members, they deserve an apology. You cannot consider yourself tolerant people if you remove things that honor our veterans.

We cleaned your monument for free.

We gave you free copies of research that took hours to obtain.

We collaborated on finding you lights for your flagpoles.

We gave you a service of writing a history on a historic home, this will not be fulfilled.

We gave you assistance on a veterans memorial, this will not be fulfilled.

You gave us an eviction notice with no explanation.

Zachary C. Grizzard

Camp Commander

Samuel C. Kelly Camp #454 Oxford & Munford, Alabama

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