If you don't know the song "It's Everyday Bro," then I don't really know where you've been, but good job avoiding the song.

This past summer I worked at a summer camp as an assistant counselor, and every week one of the campers in my cabin was obsessed with Jake Paul and the song “It’s Everyday Bro.” There was no getting away from the song, my campers sang it repeatedly.

So you know how if you hear a song a lot it starts to grow on you, and sooner or later you start liking it? Yeah, well that happened to me. I heard the lyrics to that song so much that I started singing the lyrics and later started listening to it. I pretty much heard this song everyday…bro.

If you haven’t heard the song, the music video is below. But if you have heard the song and don’t want to listen to it again (which I don’t blame you), skip to the list.

1. That one time my friend decided to be Moana.

2. That one time I told my friends we should recreate "The Cheetah Girls" picture from the first movie.

I really wanted to call a cab for this picture.

3. When you spent the summer with people you met when you were seven.

Being able to still be friends with people you met when you were seven is one of the best things to have in the world because those are the people you can be your true self with the most. They have seen you through thick and thin and I’m really happy I have these three in my life.

4. Doing the buddy board while it was raining...twice.

Since you don’t close down camp activities until you hear thunder when its pouring rain, you still have to be in the rain. So when it was our swim period, there were always those two kids that wanted to swim, and you had to let them swim. It was the worst.

5. That one time the Hungarian had a clothespin on his nose.

I don’t know why he had it on his nose, but he seemed pretty content with it.

6. The three times you decided to do "the floor is lava."

The first time was fine because I had a table to sit on. The second time was good too, but the third time I ended up hurting myself, so the floor wasn't lava to me for the rest of the summer.

7. That one time when your friend was really in her feelings.

Catching these type of moments on a video is always the best.

8. When the same friend every day has to say “Fuck you” to you on a daily basis.

I love you too...

9. When you make a reference to a musical every chance you get.

I went up to the same guy for a straight month saying, “Pardon me, are you Aaron Burr, sir,” and we would end up going back and forth singing the lyrics.

10. When I had to crush my mom’s dreams of what her favorite song meant.

“Candy Store” by 50 Cent is not about an actual candy store, sorry mom.

11. That one time my friend bought customized glasses that say “Eat My Ass.”

12. That one time the whole camp was singing the Harry Potter theme.

It was Harry Potter week…yet again.

13. The last CLB (Clearlake Bar) trip.

15.When I went to the Detroit Zoo with a friend to feed the giraffes.

But instead didn't feed them because they weren't offering, so we decided to watch them sniff each other's butts for about 30 minutes.

16. That one time one friend was rapping the lyrics to “It's Everyday Bro" and another one was twerking on a table.

It’s not a good song but its a catchy one.

17. When one friend decided to wear her belt like this…to Walmart.

I have no words.

18. When you had a #CrocsSquad.

Crocs are the best shoes on the face of the Earth.