Every College Student's Spring Break As Told By 'The Office'
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Every College Student's Spring Break As Told By 'The Office'

"Oh my god; it's happening!"

Every College Student's Spring Break As Told By 'The Office'

It's Spring Break and whether you're traveling home or to Florida, everybody experiences the same emotions. What emotions, you ask? The employees of Dunder Mifflin know what emotions they are.

The Beginning

Class is over. Your bags are packed and your friends are all ready. This is, perhaps the most exciting part of the trip because you have NO RESPONSIBILITIES for the next week. Forget about projects or midterms or school in general. Things are about to get lit, just like the trash barrel Dwight threw a lit cigarette into to create this memeable moment.

The Travel

We've all been there. As soon as NASA invents teleports, you know everybody will buy them because travel sucks. Granted, if you have awesome friends then your car-ride won't be as horrible, but you can only play so many rounds of "I spy" before someone turns into Stanley when Michael tries to give a speech on the way to the beach.

The Arrival

Whether it's a foreign land or your own home, things may get confusing and lost in translation. Perhaps your parents redid the bathroom, or perhaps nobody speaks English. Inevitably something will go wrong and you'll end up trying to explain something badly. Just don't call a concierge a Geisha.

The Shenanigans Begin

Brought to you by what is probably the greatest cold open ever, this is the part where you can really start to relax. Your friends start running around, playing tricks on each other, and genuinely being hilarious people. If you're coordinated, you'll even create a videolike the hard-working employees of Dunder Mifflin did!

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I'm not saying that your Spring Break trip will involve alcohol, but let's be honest: We're all college students and we need something to get us through those rough nights. Remember to drink responsibly, and if you're buying 15 bottles of vodka for 20 people, you may want to reallocate some of your money into other things such as water or Gatorade.

The Drunk Shenanigans

Again, drink responsibly. But if you're able to recreate that scene from Titanic, go for it. You and your friends will all be having a blast, and you may or may not remember it. If you have a documentary film crew following you, great. If not, you may want to avoid posting stuff on Facebook until you've sobered up.

The End

Look, I don't wanna go back to class any more than you do. But sometimes you have to bite the bullet. Plus condos in Florida are expensive. Keep your chin up and DON'T CRY BECAUSE MICHAEL LEFT.

The First Day Back

This one speaks for itself. Remembering the great times you had and how you had nothing to worry about was great. But now it's time to get back to work. Granted you'll also have a hangover and chances are at least one professor scheduled something for the day when you get back, so just binge The Office(again) and channel your inner Michael Scott.

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