I have watched "The Office" through too many times to count ever since I found it back in middle school. Due to this, I think I have gained enough knowledge to be able to rank all nine of the seasons from best to worst. As I will be discussing the major points of every season, a spoiler alert is no in effect.

1. Season 4

Undoubtedly, season 4 is the best season of the whole show. It falls right in that sweet spot; the writers had hit their stride and were fleshing out the best storylines and the show was still new enough to not be repetitive or worn-out. This season gave us some of the best episodes of the show, like "Dinner Party" and "Goodbye Toby."

2. Season 3

Season three had some standout episodes, like "Beach Wars" and really helped to propel the Jim and Pam storyline, one of the most important storylines of the whole show. The whole season is fun and memorable.

3. Season 5

The "Weight Loss" episodes and the "Stress Relief" episodes are some of the best of the entire series. This season gives us Jim and Pam's engagement, what the whole show had been building up to this point. It also gives us the Michael Scott Paper Company side story and the Jim and Pam baby, all winners in everyone's book.

4. Season 2

Since season 1 only had six episodes, season 2 really worked to flesh out the characters and the storylines. It gave us our first real conflict with Jim and Pam and gave us some pretty solid episodes like "Fire."

5. Season 6

This is the season we get the Jim and Pam wedding, which is great and all, but a lot of people consider this as the ending of the Jim and Pam storyline, and thus, the end of the best part of the show. This is also the start of the Sabre storyline which is hit or miss.

6. Season 7

Michael leaves near the end of this season, leaving most people to consider this as the last passable season of the show. This also started the storyline of Robert California, which was a horrible storyline that no one liked.

7. Season 1

The first season was kind of a mess. There were only six episodes and none of them were quite winners. There have been too many occasions where I have had to tell people that, if they make it through the first season, it would be worth it. The basketball episode is okay I guess.

8. Season 9

The only reason this isn't the worst season is because of the finale. Again, the storylines are pointless and forced. Andy is gone for the majority of the season and they make Jim and Pam fight the whole time. The finale is a good ending to the show and I know too many people that just skipped from the time Michael leaves to the ,, and, truth be told, you wouldn't miss anything important if you did.

9. Season 8

This was the first whole season without Michael Scott and it shows that they didn't really know what to do. They started to reuse the Erin/Andy storyline and everything seemed sort of forced and unnatural. There were a couple good moments, but nothing that really stood out.

Although "The Office" is seen as an overrated show, it is actually pretty solid all around. Of course, this list is only my opinion and I encourage you to watch the show for yourself and make your own list.