Every Lana Del Rey Song: Ranked
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Every Lana Del Rey Song: Ranked

During this COVID time, I have decided that since I have nothing better to do, I will be ranking every Lana Del Rey song (that is commercially released), so you don't have to. All 85 of them.

Every Lana Del Rey Song: Ranked
Daulton Beck

Here is my personal ranking of every commercially released Lana Del Rey song. This collectively took me six hours to complete.

85: "You Must Love Me" - Andrew Lloyd & Lana Del Rey

Not gonna lie, I did not even know she had this song in her discography. It's not bad, but I think it's a cover so I have to rank this as last.

84: "Season of the Witch"

This song was created for the sole purpose of commercial promotion for the Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark movie. But I was at least aware of this one.

83: "Burnt Norton Interlude"

This is literally an interlude, but it was nice to is a nice break in the middle of her 'Honeymoon' album.

82: "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood"

This song started off hot, but it is evident that it is one of her more experimental tracks.

81: "Yayo"

Honestly, this song put me isn't very special at all. It just continues the sadcore that is the theme of her 'Born To Die' album. it does however, feature the lyric: "Let me put on a show for you daddy", which is kinda iconic, but not iconic enough.

80: "Bel Air"

Similarly to "Yayo" it doesn't bring much to the mind, more like an interlude song. But the melodies are pretty.

79: "Lucky Ones"

This song is nice, but again, it is nothing new. It's more like something meant to be a pt.2 for a song, but she said that a 7 minute song is too long I guess (speculation).

78: "Diet Mountain Dew"

This song is catchier than the others ranked prior to this one, which is why I rank it at 78. However, it sounds like she accidentally put the demo version on the album.

77: "The Blackest Day"

This song doesn't start out that great, but the bridge, the melodies throughout the song, and the outro saved this song.

76: "24"

"24" is another one of her more experimental songs, presented in 'Honeymoon'. Her voice is beautiful, however, I must have missed the meaning, but the lyrics did not really convey it, but it was enough to break top 70's.

75: "Religion"

The beginning of the song is *chef's kiss*, but the rest of the song is just monotonous. but the beginning itself saved it from the 80s.

74: "Cola"

To be honest, this song is kinda catchy, and it did give rise to one of her most iconic lines, referring to her..um.. pepsi cola.. to keep it PG. However, the rest of the song is just background noise.

73: "Heroin"

In particular, this song is good, but it does not seem to fit the rest of the album.

72: "Without You"

Honestly, this song was a little premature for her debut album. This song should have been released as a single and because I'm mad it is not, it is ranked at 72.

71: "American"

I do really like this song, but this persona came back to bite her later when she talked about comparing herself to female rappers and Ariana Grande. But the melodies are nice.

70: "Radio"

I loved the melodies in this song, but it pretty much used the same beat that was present in more than 50% of her 'Born To Die' album. It was just nothing new, that's it.

69: "Black Beauty"

This song used to be one of my favorites, however, she originally kept it unreleased until she added it to 'Ultraviolence'.

68: "Guns and Roses"

To me, the chorus is just not that of deepness. it kind of detracts from the deepness that is present in her 'Ultraviolence'. It is very repetitive, but because I love UV so much, I rank it at 68.

67: "High By The Beach"

This song was a huge commercial success and its music video was nice too. Knowing I lived only a short bit away from her at the time also brought me to like this song a little more than the rest on the album. But, it faded out as quick as it came and the trap-ish beat does not fit well with the rest of the album.

66: "Looking For America"

This song came at an amazing time on our political history in late 2019. This song was also recorded, produced, and released within five days. However, it is a non-album single, which keeps me from ranking it higher than 66.

65: "Venice Bitch"

I like this song, not love it. It would have been a great song if it wasn't nearly 10 minutes long. if it was not 10 minutes long, it would've been ranked higher than 65.

64: "God Bless America"

Again, another good song, but it makes me laugh because of the gunshots in the chorus and I feel that that detracts from the rest of the song.

63: "Swan Song"

This song has a lovely chord progression, but that's pretty much it. all I gotta say.

62: "Blue Velvet"

This lovely, vibey song brings me back old memories that I never had. I makes me feel like I've lived my life and now it's time to go. However, this is a cover.

61: "Doin Time"

Again, this song is a cover, but it is a damn good one.

60: "Body Electric"

Body electric is the anthem for sexy people, and I say that with my whole heart. However, this song is spurred from her 'Tropico' project, which, thematically was lovely, but it was just filler in between 'Born To Die' and 'Ultraviolence'.

59: "Gods and Monsters"

In this rather, deep song, which was covered by Jessica Lange in the fourth season of American Horror Story, Lana plays a stripper "in the land of gods and monsters," the music video boasts. It is a stark contrast to the prior music video in the 'Tropico' short film for "Body Electric", which is where I dock it because I liked the concept, but again, it's not Lana and she appropriates the "chola" culture. so, for cultural appropriation reasons, I rank this song at 59.

58: "Terrence Loves You"

In this rather elusive song, Lana pays homage to someone named Terrence. There is no explanation of who that is, and the lyrics are a little flat.

57: "Freak"

Similarly to "Terrence Loves You", this song is rather elusive, but the music video makes up for it from being ranked lower on this list.

56: "Art Deco"

Art Deco is a nice song, but quite simply, it's nothing new.

55: "The Greatest"

This is one of Lana's most recent from her 'Norman Fucking Rockwell' album. It started off hot, but quickly went.

54: This is What Makes Us Girls

This is a very fun and upbeat song. It represents the era that pre-dates the "Lana Del Rey" era, when she went by "Lizzy Grant". However, this song seems a little unfinished, but the chorus is so fun and I love the feeling it gives me.

53: "Coachella - Woodstock in My Mind"

This song is solely ranked at 53 because I am mad that she did not make a music video for this beautiful song.

52: "Tomorrow Never Came" (Featuring Sean Ono Lennon)

In this song she pays homage to John Lennon, even singing with his son, Sean Ono. However, I was not particularly pleased with this song. It sounds like several others on this list.

51: "Beautiful People Beautiful Problems" (Featuring Stevie Nicks)

This song features Stevie Nicks.

50: "Get Free"

She got a copyright strike for this song. She ultimately won the lawsuit.

49: "Change"

What a lovely song. Personally, it is too long.

48: "Off to the Races"

Another fun song, similar to that of "This is what makes us Girls".

47: "Carmen"

This song, is absolutely iconic. However, it's the music video for me that keeps it from breaking the top 40. I wish she featured herself more in it as a character.

46: "Million Dollar Man"

Another iconic classic. This is the song that made me want to dive deeper into her unreleased songs because I thought it was an unreleased song at the time (around 2012 is when I discovered her).

45: "Cruel World"

This song kicks off her 'Ultraviolence' album and I thank god for her. I will never skip this song, but it does get old because it is quite a long song.

44: "Brooklyn Baby"

I love the beat of this song, it is very vibey. However, some of her words are slurred and I cant seem to understand them.

43: "Dark Paradise"

Just like "Million Dollar Man" I thought this song was unreleased. But it is lovely, regardless, so it remains in the top 50 at 43.

42: "Summertime Sadness (remix)"

An absolute banger. No explanation.

41: "Burning Desire"

This song is so beautiful and the music video is also excellent. However, the single did not do well and honestly it needed more of a push if it was going to make any sort of chart debut.

40: "Music To Watch Boys To"

This song had a nice music video. That's it.

39: "Love"

This song couldn't have come at a a better or worse time for me. The production and the talk that she was releasing a new record after this song was amazing and it made me happy. But at that time I was extremely depressed and I felt very lost. Thus, when I no longer felt that way, this song faded away along with the feeling. So for that, RIP.

38: "God Knows I Tried"

I only recently started listening to this song and I like it. But the chorus is very long and extremely repetitive.

37: "White Mustang"

This is another song that couldn't have come at a worse time for me. It is also a diss at G-Eazy and I love Lana for that.

36: "Groupie Love"

Now, this song took a VERY long time to grow on me, but I ultimately came to appreciate the sentiment.

35: "The Next Best American Record"

This song has a rocky release period. It was the first and only song from 'Norman Fucking Rockwell' that had its demo version fully leaked. It was originally called "Architecture" and I wish she kept that name. The production changed slightly from the leak, however, I think she changed the name in spite of those who leaked it.

34: "Shades of Cool"

Similar to "Brooklyn Baby" it is a vibey song full of memorabilia. However, this song again features many old men and the music video, as beautiful as Lana is walking down sunset boulevard, its very simplistic. It reminds me of where I grew up, roaming the streets of LA on my more somber days.

33: "Lolita"

In this very fun song, based off of the nymphet character in Vladimir Nabokov's novel of the same name, Lana reminisces on her past. Its one of my personal favorites, which is why I rank this low-commercial song at 33.

32: "Salvatore"

This song has special significance for me, as it is the first song I learned how to play on the piano after a long hiatus from the instrument.

31: "Summer Bummer"

In this more trap-like song, this is again, one of Lana's experimental songs, but it is one of her more successful non-single songs. The addition of A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti is nice too.

30: "In My Feelings"

This song has a lovely meaning and sound to it. However, it lost to its competition, Drake, who has a song of the same name.

29: "Lust for Life"

This song, featuring The Weeknd, is such a beautiful mix of both of their voices, but it is very redundant and was 100% for commercial promotion.

28: "Cinnamon Girl"

The only reason I nearly ranked this song at 31, preventing it from breaking the top 30, is that I originally did not like it. It was strange. Then I came to like it more and thus, I rank it at 28.

27: "Money, Power, Glory"

When this song first came out, I was gagged, but now I am kinda "eh" on it. I still don't skip it when it comes on shuffle though, so I rank it at 27.

26: "Florida Kilos"

This song is SUCH A VIBE, but not gonna lie, the music video for "Shades of Cool" should've been the music video for this song. 'nuff said.

25: "Bartender"

Again, this masterpiece from 'Norman Fucking Rockwell' is an absolute vibe. It makes me wanna go on a picnic in a graveyard and start a cult. However, her "bart-t-tender" quiver defeats the witchiness of the song.

24: "Pretty When You Cry"

This song is so sad and it makes me cry every time I listen to it. However, there is a now deleted video of what used to be the music video that was extremely triggering to survivors of sexual assault. The video detracted from the meaning, but the melodies are still godly.

23: "hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it"

Honestly, another masterpiece from her latest album. However, the title is too long and it is in lowercase compared to The rest on the album. That makes me mad lol.

22: "Love Song"

This song never fails to make me happy. I love the nostalgic feeling I get from this song. I can say nothing but fantastic things about this song. Everything from the melody, to the production, to the lyrics; it is just amazing. However, some songs are just better so I rank this at 22.

21: "Fucked My Way To The Top"

This song is THE whore anthem. In all honesty, I want to be that person she speaks of in the song. I wanna be enticing and smart all at the same time.

20: "Blue Jeans"

This song is beautiful. The music video is a little weird especially because of her taste in men... but besides that it is quite a lovely song.

19: "Ride"

The music video is absolutely immaculate. From the beginning monologue, to the whole song, to especially the part where she gracefully sings "I'm tired of feeling fucking crazy." It is THE moment. Periodt.

18: "Ultraviolence"

Another beautiful song that I learned on the piano during my years of teaching myself. The music video's DIY nature was fine, fell kinda flat.

17: "The Other Woman"

I specifically listen to this song when I am feeling somber and/or when I am dressing up nice to go somewhere or even nowhere at 3am.

16: "Mariner's Apartment Complex"

This was the lead single from her recent 'Norman Fucking Rockwell' album. This song and its accompanying music video are the epitome of Lana's growth as an artist. All I can say is that I love this song and everything it stands for.

15: "How To Disappear"

When I eventually came around to this song, it really changed my path in life. This is the song that made me want to create music of my own. Not really anything came to fruition of that career so far, but I'm glad it has for Lana.

14: "13 Beaches"

I have a personal significance to this song. It mentions the beach that I used to compete in outrigger canoeing: Ventura beach. It is where I fell in love for the first time. Sadly, it was not reciprocated, granted we were 13, but it's okay, I hope you are doing well Daniel.

13: "Born To Die"

This song reminds me of the time I discovered Lana Del Rey, ironically through a Mormon girl I met my freshman year of high school. Shoutout to Olivia Everett.

12: "Summertime Sadness"

This song's music video encompasses the meaning so well. It is also one of Lana's most iconic music videos, featuring a possible lesbian storyline (yay LGBTQ!), that was honestly, probably about losing a best friend.

11: "Sad Girl"

This song gives me the same feeling that "The Other Woman" gives me. Hope.

10: "Old Money"

This is one of my, if not my favorite song off of 'Ultraviolence' This song took her five years to write, produce, and release and I am damn happy she did. This song is the kind of song you listen to when you miss someone, which, for me, is quite often. Thus, I suggest you give this song a listen.

9: "Cherry"

Honestly, besides the lyrics and music video being so iconic, I just like that she can so gracefully sing the crude words "fuck" and "bitch" in a very upbeat-sounding song.

8: "Fuck it I Love You"

Another masterpiece from 'Norman Fucking Rockwell'. Periodt. Give it a listen.

7: "Happiness is a Butterfly"

I waited so long for this song. She teased this song for probably like an entire year and I'm so glad it didn't get leaked. The hype it brought me and when I heard it for the first time when it dropped with the album at midnight in August, I literally died for a second inside because it was so beautiful.

6: "Video Games"

This is the first Lana song I watched her perform live on SNL.

5: "Honeymoon"

She also teased this song for SO LONG, but when it finally came, I was so shook. The beginning strings into a slow and steady piano that's *chef's kiss*.

4: "National Anthem"

This was the first song for which the music video is what made me like it more. It also was the song that made me stan Lana as hard as I do today.

3: "Norman Fucking Rockwell"

The title track of her most recent album. I hope to see this performed live when COVID is under control. It is absolutely a masterpiece. This song bears the iconic lyric, "you act like a kid even though you stand six-foot-two." Queen of sick burns in ~good vibes~.

2: "West Coast"

Again, a very nostalgic song for me. It was also the lead single of her 'Ultraviolence' album that made me stan her even harder. I love the music video and the way she embodies the California spirit.

1: "California"

An absolute masterpiece.

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