Eve: The Caretaker

Meet Eve,

Eveyyyy, the sweet Irish girl that is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. This feisty 21-year-old is a trendsetter, a fashion guru, and the Holger make-up artist. I remember the first time I met Eve, it was my third night in Copenhagen and we were all going out on the town. I was invited to tag along and that night, Eve spilled all of her Danish knowledge and tips. As a full year exchange student, Eve took the role of the mom for a long time. She would tell us where to go for the best Mexican food in town, she gave us advice on the best bars, clubs, and shops. Even showed us the ropes of living in Denmark like no one else could. This is the girl that is always making sure we are all alive and okay. She will always take notice when someone is down, and she does everything she can to make your day better. She always wants everyone to feel loved and included. She’ll put any plans on the chat for the whole dorm to know what’s going on, she makes sure we always have something to do on Saturday night, she ensures that everyone that wants to come is there. An amazing friend and a caretaker like no other, Eve is a special soul that has the ability to anyone feel like a star.

One of my favorite moments with Eve was a night that I was going out on the town and asked her, for the first time, to do my make-up. You should have seen her face light up! She was so excited, so honored. It was soooo precious. She brought a few of her makeup items and was nearly speechless at my lack of make-up. I was only a little bit embarrassed when I had to ask her what the different brushes were for, but Eve was patient. I looked like a model (okay maybe not a model, but I looked awesome) after she finished. I was literally shimmering from the “highlighter” she applied, I supposed you can highlight more than just books now a day.

Aside from helping me glow up, Eve has taught me a very important lesson while here, even though some people may not always include you in their plans or life you should always include them. And that, Eve, is a beautiful way to live your life. I love you a million babe.

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