9 Times Evan From 'Superbad' Was Actually Super Good
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9 Times Evan From 'Superbad' Was Actually Super Good

The unsung hero of "Superbad."

9 Times Evan From 'Superbad' Was Actually Super Good

Watching Superbad for the first time in about 3 years brought back lots of laughs, cringing, and a new appreciation for Michael Cera's character Evan. Of course, this movie is a laugh overall for all of its crude humor that truly makes the film, but Evan's character definitely stood out to me this time around. This movie highlights, and exaggerates, the lives of high schoolers when it comes to sex, drinking, and partying. The two friends go back and forth discussing their pursuits of their respective dream women. However, Jonah Hill's character is consistently raunchy while Evan takes a more realistic and respectful approach to getting that one moment with the girl of his dreams. Although I'm well aware this movie is all about getting the laughs, I couldn't stop myself from screaming out "WOW WHAT A KING" whenever Evan continuously displays his respect for the girl he likes. Here are a few of the commendable and adorable Evan moments. Take notes!

1. "I'm tired of you talking about her like that."


Simple. Sweet. Respectful. Stand up for the person you like when you don't appreciate someone else's crude remarks!

​2.​ "D**k taking abilities? You think that's a nice thing to say to someone?"​​


When he understands that women are more than an object you can use for your own pleasure! Wow! A king!

3. "I'm not going to get her drunk out of her mind. I respect her. I'm not going to put that unfair kind of pressure on her."


If everyone followed this mantra as a Senior in High School onwards, the world would be a much better place. Don't sleep with people that aren't able to make decisions for themselves. Don't use intoxication as a loophole to get what you want. Thank you, Evan.

4. When he toasts his shots to respecting women.


Let's all raise a glass to the King of Respect!

5. "You are the prettiest girl on this side of the Mississippi."


Can I just say how commendable it is that Evan is an even nicer guy when drunk?

I wish I could say the same for his sober clumsiness...

6. The repetitive "Are you okay??"


Get you a man who makes sure you're alright! He cares! A concept! Put the other one first.

7. "I've wanted to tell you for so long you're the best girl."


A man that's in touch with his emotions? We love him.

8. "Becca, I don't think you want to do this. You're really drunk."


Evan is so SuperGOOD in this movie. He's respectful, he waits, he doesn't do what he's been dreaming of doing because he knows it isn't right, and he puts HER first. A real gem. But really? He's just doing what's right. We shouldn't be surprised.

9. That time he sang ​"These Eyes"


The fact that the first song that came to mind to sing for a group of old male cocaine addicts is the heartbreaking ballad "These Eyes"...we love a sad boy.

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