5 Festivals Across Europe This August That No Traveler Should Miss
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5 Festivals Across Europe This August That No Traveler Should Miss

A month-long festival themed road trip across five European countries to cross off your bucket list in August.

5 Festivals Across Europe This August That No Traveler Should Miss

If you were wondering what to do when in Europe during August, a European festival road trip is in the cards. Here's a roundup bucket list of entertaining festivals in five different countries around Europe, arranged in chronological order, that is guaranteed to lighten your mood this summer.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Scotland

For those who not only value but also possess creativity in media and arts, the Edinburgh festival fringe is the place to be. The world's biggest festival for 'anyone with a compelling story to tell', a tradition since 1947, it encompasses artists in the diverse fields of theatre, circus, cabaret, musicals, spoken word, exhibitions, and events.
Cost: 22.89 AED
When: August 2-27, 2018

Guča Trumpet Festival, Serbia

In the internationally recognized trumpet capital, Guca, a three-day folk festival has bought musicians and tourists with keen ears together since 1961. Guca is a small village in Western Serbia that owes its reputation to this festival, which is the largest trumpet and brass band event in the world. It is not uncommon for tourists to take the time to explore the colorful village whilst dancing to the rhythms of talented musicians.
Cost: Free
When: August 9-11, 2018

Buenos Aries Tango Festival, Argentina

The birthplace of Tango, Buenos Aries hosts the annual two-week festival that hosts 2000 performers with concerts, artist exhibitions, classes, tango-related films, and milongas. It is also the host of world's largest international Tango competition, Mundial de Tango, where hundreds of talented dancers compete for the finals at Luna Park stadium. The catch is to plan well and go early to grab the best spots for most performances, as spaces are limited.
Cost: Free
When: August 9-22, 2018

Notting Hill Carnival, London

What began as an attempt to celebrate the truce between British residents and Caribbean natives in 1959, has now blossomed into an annual cultural and traditional event. Streets are strewn with food vendors and dance performers blending in with live music and vibrant colors, a representation of the Caribbean culture at its finest. The grand finale will be held on the last day with the Notting Hill Parade, which is just the warm-up to the after-party and festivities.
Cost: Free
When: August 26-27, 2018

La Tomatina, Spain

World's biggest food fight, La Tomatina is the place to be if you do not mind squashed tomatoes being thrown at you. Thousands of people from all around the world come to Bunol in Spain just to experience the tradition carried on from 1945, where every man fends for himself as trucks full of tomatoes gather at Plaza del Pueblo. The chaos is unleashed when the first water cannon is fired and tamed when the second is.
Cost: $126 (Single day entry)
When: Wednesday, August 29, 2018

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