32 Throwbacks That Will Instantly Up Your College Party Playlist Game
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32 Throwbacks That Will Instantly Up Your College Party Playlist Game

As much as some guys don't want to admit it, the Jonas Brothers have some absolute bangers

32 Throwbacks That Will Instantly Up Your College Party Playlist Game
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Like all parties since the beginning of time, college parties are dependent on music. Sometimes, the new EDM song can get a little old after hearing it at every frat party for the past couple weeks, but there are some songs out there that will just never get old.

Throwbacks are what makes or breaks a playlist, and it is important that they are included to maximize your terrible dancing, eardrum-shattering singing, and overall frat fun.

1. Mr. Brightside - The Killers

2. Every time We Touch - Cascada

3. Ignition (Remix) - R. Kelly

4. All I Want for Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey

5. Shout - The Isley Brothers

6. Crazy In Love - Beyonce, Jay Z

7. Hips Don’t Lie - Shakira

8. Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond

9. Come On Eileen - Dexy’s Midnight Runners

10. Closing Time - Semisonic

11. Love Drunk- Boys Like Girls

12. SOS - Rihanna

13. Pon De Replay - Rihanna

14. Stacy's Mom - Fountains of Wayne

15. Sexy Can I feat. Young Berg - Ray J

16. The Great Escape - Boys Like Girls

17. Thnks fr th Mmrs - Fall Out Boy

18. Sugar, We’re Goin Down - Fall Out Boy

19. Kiss Kiss - Chris Brown, T-Pain

20. Fergalicious - Fergie, will.i.am

21. My Humps - The Black Eyed Peas

22. Temperature - Sean Paul

23. Burnin' Up - Jonas Brothers

24. S.O.S - Jonas Brothers

25. Womanizer- Britney Spears

26. Crank That (Soulja Boy) - Soulja Boy

27. 1985 - Bowling For Soup

28. Kiss Me Thru The Phone - Soulja Boy, Sammie

29. Knock You Down - Keri Hilson, Kanye West, Ne-Yo

30. The Sweet Escape - Gwen Stefani, Akon

31. Gold Digger - Kanye West, Jamie Foxx

32. Hypnotize - The Notorious B.I.G

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