If There's Anything You Need To Know About College Girls, They're These 25 Essential Facts
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If There's Anything You Need To Know About College Girls, They're These 25 Essential Facts

If you thought you knew us, just wait--there’s more.

If There's Anything You Need To Know About College Girls, They're These 25 Essential Facts

I grew up with a sister, so I know almost everything there is about what it’s like living with a girl. But when I came to college and started living with more than one girl and shared a bathroom and a kitchenette, things got different and I learned a lot more than I ever thought there was to know about girls.

Best friends, boyfriends, late nights, long talks, hungry spells, and of course classes in between all that. Here’s what I learned more about living with college girls and, most importantly, about me and my closest friends.

1. When we get in from a night out, literally anything is the funniest thing that has ever happened.

2. When we are trying to be quiet, we mayyyy make most of our noise by saying, “SHHH” much louder than intended.

3. There is one designated mom in every group. She takes everyone's makeup off, provides water, and makes sure everyone is home. She’s also the best mom we could ask for.

4. We try to be cleanly, so when showering, sometimes there are organized clumps of hair on the wall. Don’t ask. It’s just a thing.

5. We tend to bring a staggering amount of toiletries. By that, I mean masses and masses. Shelves, bags, and even the floor were littered with numerous bottles.

6. On the weekend, from 5 pm and on, the bathroom is exclusive and reserved until 11 pm for showering and about three hours of makeup. We all need the mirror, so watch out!

7. Girls all share clothes like one big free for all. “Have you seen my nice, black shirt?" "Oh yeah, babe, I’ve got it on rn.”

8. The night out doesn’t end when we get in. Oh, no. There are extended bathroom sessions at 5 am, talking about what happened with boys and how nice the mozzarella sticks were.

9. We get really hungry after a night out. It’s snacks galore, so if you’re still awake, you bet we’re going to raid your snack bin and probably eat everything out of it. Whoops.

10. Anything any guy says is automatically wrong. Learn to accept your fate, boys.

11. Girls spoon each other. A lot. It’s for comfort, love, and support. Get used to it, guys, because BFFs are forever.

12. We will rip apart every text a guy sends them. If you are thinking you are that special guy that this hasn’t happened to, then your girl is probably laughing at your text right now.

13. Girls sniff their armpits to see if they smell. Gotta stay fresh, ladies.

14. Every night, we give an estimated time we are all heading out. I worked it out that if I added 2.5 hours on to this suggested time, I knew what time we would actually be going out. The following will help you understand why this happens.

15. For some reason, boys' deodorant smells better. So if one of the girls has a boyfriend, expect your deodorant to be used up by your girls’ girls. Sorry, not sorry.

16. One girl in the group is usually the designated winged eyeliner applicator.

17. If you miss taking your pill two consecutive days in a row, you have fucked up your cycle. There’s always one girl to be the designated reminder/mom that helps us all out.


19. “OMG, I’m so bloated; I can’t wear this!” This is a phrase heard hourly during the evening getting-ready process. Don’t even try to argue it--just help your girl find a new, fabulous outfit that she feels fantastic in.

20. Outfit changes will happen, boys. Do yourself a favor and go to sleep. Think she is finally done because she is in her third outfit? HA.

21. Girls don’t pack until 30 minutes before they need to leave because they need half their suitcase every minute.

22. Girls have two makeup bags. One bag with all the makeup that they actually use and one that has absolutely no use of which is full of makeup never touched, but is always brought along.

23. Hair ties will be everywhere you look. Floor? Hair ties. Bed? Hair ties. Shower? Hair ties.

24. There will also be hair everywhere. It’s not our fault. Either throw it out or deal with it.

25. Wake girls up in the morning at your own peril.

These are the best things I have learned about me and my favorite girls whilst living our lives together! Comment and share your favorite memories and lessons learned about your besties.

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