Sorry feminists, but biology has debunked your goal. The advocacy of Gender Equality is the goal of all feminists, and despite it sounding noble, the term “equality” is such a loose term that it seems a bit odd. In America, are you advocating for equality under the law? That already exists. Are you advocating for equal representation, well that would lead to a female version of affirmative action, which wouldn’t lead to equal opportunity. Equality seems impossible to achieve because it just is that, impossible.

Feminist often try to claim that men and women are equal, in every way. According to a study of IQ however, that is not the case. The way men and women have their IQ distributed is very different, women tend to have a more consistent IQ that is more towards the middle of the spectrum of IQ. Men however can be considered hit or miss. More men have their IQ in the higher end than women along with the lower end when compared to women, what this means is that more male genius and male idiots exist when compared to women. This biological difference is something feminist don’t want you to believe as it makes gender equality impossible to achieve, should the IQ be distributed equally? How would this be possible? There are also biological functions that men only have and biological functions only women have. Men are the only biological sex that can produce sperm, and women are the only biological sex that can produce eggs. To deny this and claim that they’re “equal” would be absurd.

Not only is there a biological difference between men and women, but society has valued men and women differently. Not necessarily more or less, but differently. Men receive twice as long sentences as women do, for the same crime. Men are more likely to die at work, and are currently the only sex required to register for the draft. Should this be changed for equality? Should a lower standard be required for women to go into battle with men to have an equal number of men and women? Anyone who believes this needs to understand that the high standard is set so that regardless of sex, you’re the most capable on the battlefield. This isn’t sexist, this is fair. Fair is a term not often mentioned by feminists, they want to be equal but not fairly treated. To be treated fairly is to acknowledge that men and women are different, but should be treated with respect and dignity.

Fair treatment is better than equal treatment feminist, sorry.