5 Entertainment Articles You Missed From The Week Of February 2

This week was full of Oscar snub drama, celebrity announcements, and swooning over Taylor Swift's "Miss Americana" documentary.

Are you a little behind with everything that went down in the A-Lister world? Well, ICYMI, these five stories will catch you up with the latest!

'Miss Americana' Will DEFINITELY Change Your Opinion On Taylor Swift If You Aren't A Fan

By: Emily Daniels

"To the people who say that they like the "old" Taylor better, this one is for you."

This 2020 Oscars Ballot Is Everything You Need To Track Your Predictions

By: Marisa DiPaolo

"Now that Oscars Sunday is finally here, it's time to finalize your predictions with our printable 2020 Academy Awards ballot."

The Ultimate Oscars Drinking Game That Will Have You Drunk Before The First Acceptance Speech

By: Olivia Kappler

"Pour one out for Greta Gerwig because she DESERVED a nomination for "Little Women.""

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