Entering The New Year

It's almost the new year, and you're panicking and trying to come up with this year's New Year's resolution that will be better than anyone else's. After all, if you don’t have a New Year's resolution, is it really the New Year?


It's okay not to have a New Year's resolution. It doesn’t mean your year is going to be terrible, because if you did think of a resolution, I can guarauntee youaren't going to go to the gym 6 days a week for the entire year, and you PROBABLY won't eat healthy for 365 days straight. But guess what, you'll still make it to December 31 2018, even without a goal for yourself that you're just creating because you feel like you have to.

Here are some things to know when entering 2018:

-January 1, 2018 probably won't feel any different from December 31, 2017, but it is still a chance to take a breather and realize you have a fresh start. Use the calendar to your advantage, and allow yourself to regroup and make changes to how you want to go about your life this January.

-The difference between this year and last year is only a minute, but consider that minute to be the minute that lifts the weight off your shoulders from the previous 12 months of failing tests, experiencing heartbreak, running out of money, falling on your face in front of a crowd, other things that make you want to curl up in a ball and cry, etc.

Guess what. None of that matters anymore because a minute has passed and you now have a clean slate.

Next thing.

-The way you enter the new year will not depict how the next 364 days go. You don’t need to freak out and try and find the best place to go, and the best food to be eating, and the best position to be in when the clock strikes 12. Go to a party, or sit on the couch at home, and don’t feel like either one of those things will determine the entire year of 2018. Especially the whole New Year's kiss thing. It doesn’t feel any different if you kiss someone three months after 12:00 AM on January 1, 11 months after12:00 AM on January 1, or at 12:00 AM on January 1.

-Oh Yeah, and if you decide to go to New York City on New Years Eve, all I have to say to you is good luck. You are guaranteed to be surrounded by mushy proposals and thousands of people that don't know what it means to move out of the way. You will find me enjoying my personal space on New Years Eve away from the NYC chaos.

Aside from the things, take the opportunity you have to be apart of another New Years Eve, and grasp it tightly. You've made it another 365 days, and that should be the best thing to happen to you all year. Not everyone is still here to experience January 1, 2018, so be sure to count your blessings everyday and live every day of 2018 like it's your last.

Happy New Year

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