9 Pros And Cons Of Entering The Workforce At A Young Age
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9 Pros And Cons Of Entering The Workforce At A Young Age

It can get you ahead in life, but you also miss out on things from your teen years.

9 Pros And Cons Of Entering The Workforce At A Young Age

It is becoming increasingly popular for youth to enter the workforce. With teens having future plans to attend post-secondary education, and the costs of that education rising, there is a need to start working early. When I was an upcoming freshman, more juniors and seniors held jobs, but now teens are obtaining their first job as a freshman. I received my first job at age 14 which shocks and impresses a lot of people when I tell them. It's not easy to start working at a young age, but the benefits you gain can make it worth it. Here are some pros and cons to entering the workforce at such a young age:

Pro: You develop your work ethic.

I grew up in a family with a strong work ethic, so it was natural for me to gain one through them. For others, they may have to develop their own work ethic. By starting to work at a young age, you improve your skills, and your workplace mentality which will strengthen your work ethic and set you up for success.

Con: You are prone to more stress.

Working full time or even part time is a commitment, especially when you throw high school extracurricular activities into the mix. High school is when everyone gets involves so when throwing a job on top can cause one to thin themselves out which can lead to stress among other health concerns. I was highly involved and still worked, so I personally got stressed at times, but it's important to be honest with yourself on what you can and can't do. There were times I dropped a club because it was hurting my physical and mental health.

Pro: You get ahead in life.

Whether your parents were those to get ahead or not in their lives, this is now your opportunity to set yourself up for success. You learn to manage your money, you save money, and you develop a work ethic. All of these factors set you up for a successful life and career.

Con: You miss out on holidays.

For the past 6 years, I missed out on every 4th of July celebration because of work. When I was in high school, my fellow peers that worked at a restaurant would have to work every single Thanksgiving. When working at a young age, you will be expected to work holidays, and honestly, you just have to suck it up, and do it. There will come a point in life when you will finally have holidays off.

Pro: You start to network early and build your resume.

I cannot explain how much my high school teachers and college professors drilled the idea of networking into my brain, nut it is true: Networking will get everywhere. By starting to work at a young age, you will meet a lot of people, both coworkers and customers. These connections are critical for they could land you your dream career or help you in a time of need. Working also is an incredible resume booster, especially when you work at an establishment for a long period of time.

Con: You have little time with your friends and family.

This is probably the biggest con of working at a young age. I have missed out on so much time and experiences with my family and friends. Whenever an event comes around, I almost always end up working and wish I didn't have to. In the end though, I am blessed to spend the time I do have with them, and I'm so grateful for how understanding they are.

Pro: You mature quicker.

When you start working at a young age you will work with people who are only a few months older than you, to those who are years older than you. By working with older individuals you surround yourself with positive influences who are mature. This will slowly affect your habits and cause you to become more mature.

Con: You have to work harder than others your age.

Many teens spend time with their friends, relax, and do fun things. When you work though, you miss out on these fun, relaxing times. Instead, you are working, and this requires mental and physical work. It can be tiresome, but in the end you will be happy with how far ahead you have gotten compared to your peers.

Pro: You set yourself to a higher standard.

Deciding to work at a young age is a big decision, and it's the first action you take in setting yourself to a higher standard. By being persistent, a hard worker, and dedicated to your job, you are always yearning to be the best you can be. Yes, this can have some downfalls, but successful individuals do this. Be proud of yourself and all the work you have put in.

Starting to work at a young age is a mix of feelings, but it is always worth it. The most important thing that you need to remember though is to make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Don't get too caught up in working just for the money, but don't take too much time off. Being a young employee can be one of the best experiences.

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