Enneagram Personality Types As College Majors
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The Nine Enneagram Personality Types As College Majors

The nine Enneagram types are some of the most complicated personality types I've ever read about, but... so is college!

The Nine Enneagram Personality Types As College Majors

This summer, some friends of mine who seem to be literal Enneagram experts introduced me to the nine frighteningly-specific personality types, and, needless to say, I am now equally obsessed. So much so that my friend Shannon (one of the unofficial Enneagram experts who I consulted for this VERY unofficial article that you should not choose your college major based off of) and I matched the personality types to college majors based off of our interpretations.

*P.S./Side-note/Reminder: We aren't official Enneagram experts, please don't get mad at me if my interpretations weren't 100% accurate or differ from yours and remember that the people depicted DO NOT match the types - this is all good fun!*

Now, for the important stuff - will we be as spookily accurate as the official Enneagram experts are and actually guess your college major?


Type 1 | The Reformer - Law


The Type 1 personality, officially known as The Reformer, has a strong sense of right and wrong and is very keen on making sure to always act on the right side of things. So much so, they are known to have a fear of doing wrong, of being evil. This makes Law the ideal major for a 1, as they can always strive to obtain justice and act on their sense of right within the profession!

Type 2 | The Helper - Medicine


Type 2s have a need to be needed. They have a passion for selflessly helping others, and it is something that truly fulfills them, not just something they do for momentary happiness. They would be great nurses, or doctors, considering that's exactly what those in the medical profession spend their lives doing - generously and unconditionally helping those in need

Type 3 | The Achiever - Political Science


It seems like a Type 3 would be a great politician. They have a lot of confidence, an uncanny ability to read a room and the people in it, and attractive charm. Sounds like every successful politician you've ever met, right? Not to mention, they are achievers. They are ambitious and driven, excited to show their abilities to the world. As the official Enneagram experts put it, they are role models, popular, your high school "class president." They desire success and working their way up the ladder - all the way to the top (an incredibly beneficial drive for any politician).

Type 4 | The Individualist - Art


Type 4s tend to be one of the most creative personality types, quite possibly from the emotions they tend to harbor. They really hone into their emotions, and as an Art major, they can truly spend their lives expressing their beautiful complexities and embracing their uniqueness, something they equally cherish and fear.

Type 5 | The Investigator - Science


A science major seems like it would be a good match for Type 5s - they tend to be curious (hence, their investigator spirit) and observatory. They have a strong desire of understanding, to learn, and according to the official Enneagram experts, "a strong need to test the truth of most assumptions for themselves." Type 5s can handle the complex well, just like a Science major!

Type 6 | The Loyalist - Accounting


Loyalty, security, foresight - these are key career qualities in a Type 6. Accounting is a fairly organized, unchanging system that a Type 6 can be loyal to, can constantly follow, while being able to banish their natural anxiousness with a 9-5 job that is pretty common to come by in the workforce as long as you know your stuff! In addition, a lot of foresight is needed for accountants, especially if their particular job is to plan for the future or ensure, for example, a company isn't about to run out of money! Type 6 can use this natural ability to their advantage in an Accounting job!

Type 7 | The Enthusiast - Rec & Camp Administration


Never heard of Rec & Camp Administration? Yeah, I hadn't either. But it sounds pretty awesome and matches the Type 7 personality incredibly well. Type 7s have a need for adventure, excitement, spontaneity - did I just describe the type or the major?? Rec & Camp Administration might be as adventurous and spontaneous of a major as they come, and Type 7s can use their positively enthusiastic attitudes to truly thrive in this major!

Type 8 | The Challenger - Business Management


Type 8s have some of the best qualities you find in America's top CEOs! They are strong-willed, self-confident, and have a great ability to lead. And even more so, the official Enneagram experts say they "enjoy taking on challenges themselves as well as giving others opportunities that challenge them to exceed themselves in some way." These are key qualities for any leader to possess, especially one in the business world, where a good business leader has a passion to teach their employees and help them grow within their abilities (yeah, I know, not at all like your local Scranton manager Michael Scott).

Type 9 | The Peacemaker - Psychology


Psychology, specifically a career in counseling, goes well with Type 9s unique characteristics - they are great supports, advice-givers, and they yearn for constant peace within themselves and their surrounding environment. A degree in Psychology will not only allow them to help others find their own peace, but Type 9s can discover how to attain total peace within their own selves through their studies, as well. And, while it is true this type actively tries to avoid conflict, they tend to be very good at dispelling it; with the right training and personal discovery, Type 9s can change the world with their strong desire to create peace.

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