Winter weather is something people (atleast I) enjoy around Christmastime. There is nothing quite like watching the snow fall while you are listening to Christmas music and drinking a peppermint mocha. Being from California, I have a special appreciation for snow, as I never get to see it at home. That being said, the winter weather is just a bit less exciting by mid-March when the holiday season is long over and spring break is near, warmer weather just seems so much more appealing.

It can be hard to be in the classroom when the sun starts to shine after four months of rain and snow.

Here are some enjoyable activities to do when the sun starts to shine but you still have work to do.

1. Study/work outside

Okay, so working isn't technically enjoyable BUT it is so much better to work outside with the warm sun and a pretty view versus staring at the inside of the library.

2. Walk to classes 

Instead of standing on a sweaty, cramped, always-late shuttle, you can actually get some Vitamin D and light cardio by walking 10 or 15 minutes to class.

3. Play music on a speaker 

As the weather gets warmer, you see more and more groups of students hanging out outside and all listening to music.

4. Hammock 

We still need our afternoon naps and there is something about napping outside that is just so peaceful. Why not pop up a hammock for your 3pm nap.

5. Enjoy iced coffee 

Let's be honest, most of us iced coffee fanatics never stopped drinking it even in sub zero temperatures but now you can walk to class without getting freezer burn on your hand from the iced latte.

6. Eat meals outside

Sure, dining hall food is dining hall food but eating and relaxing outside with your friends is so much better than eating in a cramped dining hall.

7. Skip the gym 

If you usually do some cardio/running in the gym, why not do it outside and get some sun while you work off the iced coffee.

8. Reading outside

Similarly to working outside except I'm talking about actually reading a book for pleasure in a nice, sunny environment.

9. Enjoy the nights more

Instead of being freezing and rushing back to your dorm because it is already been dark for hours, you can enjoy the later sunsets while taking your time and maybe listening to some nice music while you take your time walking back.

10. Attend spring sporting events 

Spring sports, such as baseball and softball are held outside. It can be hard to show support for your team when you have to be wrapped in like 5000 blankets. With warmer weather, you can catch a couple innings for a study break and show your school spirit.