To The English Teacher Who Taught Me So Much More Than English
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To The English Teacher Who Taught Me So Much More Than English

"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless." — Mother Teresa

To The English Teacher Who Taught Me So Much More Than English
Jordan Barnard

Throughout life, you're asked, "Who has inspired you?" Naturally, your name is at the top of my list. When I think about those days when nothing seemed to be going good, you were always there to create a better atmosphere. Ms. Bumgarner, I don't think I can thank you enough for inspiring me to not only chase my dreams but to do everything with passion and love — because what is the point of doing anything in life without joy?

Ms. Bumgarner, I remember walking into your class 10th grade year because you were the teacher that taught college prep English. At first, I had no idea what I had gotten myself into because you were and still are a teacher full of joy, excitement, and always ready to jump into things without hesitation.

I was always the kid who never made eye contact when you asked a question because I was scared of failing you as a student. As soon as I stepped into your classroom I knew that I would get over my own fears that year. Like a coach, you pumped each one of us up for not only the year but the experience ahead.

By the end of 10th-grade year, you showed me how to build confidence in myself. You, Ms. Bumgarner, became the teacher that I have grew to trust with my whole heart.

11th grade came along and you are my English 101/102 teacher through Snead. I knew college would be a lot harder compared to the previous year but I was not worried one bit.

Through every single debate we had in class, you would look at me and tell me good job because that´s the kind of person you are. Ms. Bumgarner, you helped me find my voice not only within a classroom but in life as well.

I loved your class, but not just because I love English. You pushed not only me but my other classmates as well beyond our own expectations. Never once did you give up on any of us and you never will. You always saw what I was capable of and never let me do less than my best because you saw who I was and how much better I could be, even when I did not. I will forever be thankful for that.

You showed me just how much effect words can have on a student and those words were something that not only shaped me into a student but the person I am now as well. Thank you, for not giving up on me and for not letting me give up on myself.

One thing I can never forget and will always remember about you is great dynamic and engagement in your class. You always found a way to make learning fun for us, even the boring stuff. As much as I didn't want to read "Julius Ceaser," you allowed us to dramatically read the plays and acted the play out with us as well.

When I think of the kind of person I want to become, I think of you. I only hope to become half of the person you are that inspires and helps students think about alternative viewpoints and perspectives. A person who even though has had a bad day will put a smile on for the kids she loves. One that makes life fun and enjoyable even when it gets rough. One that leaves a lasting impression on people every single day.

Above all, thank you, Ms. Bumgarner, for being my friend, confidant, and role model to not only me but every student you have encountered with.

Ms. Bumgarner, you have left an everlasting influence on me that I will carry around everywhere I go. Thank you for being you and saying "Bye, I love ya" to every one of us when we leave your room every day.

You are more than just my favorite teacher, you are my role model.

Thank you for everything.


Jordan Barnard

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