This is hopefully my last story on the darn case. On March 26th the 16 felony charges that were bestowed upon Jussie Smollett in his attempted hate crime were dropped. If you have been following my stories you would be as amazed as I was when I heard the news that the charges were dropped. I was for sure that Jussie was going to see some jail time, but alas I was wrong. There has been so much backlash for this decision. Even the mayor of Chicago called it a whitewash case.

I still find it very hard to believe that Jussie was released of all charges. This does inventively lead to the assumption that Jussie paid his way out of the charges. With all the recent news about celebrities paying their children's way into college, it comes as no surprise that someone would accuse Jussie of paying his way out of jail. Even President Trump is curious as to how exactly and why the court decided to drop the charges. It is speculated that President Trump is requiring further investigation on the manner and to have the FBI take over the case to get to the bottom of the real story of what happened.

It is also being said that the city of Chicago is suing Jussie for $130,000 to pay for the wasted time in court and use of taxpayer money to falsify a hate crime. It will be interesting to see if that amount will actually be paid and if more will be required to be paid by Jussie. Also, it will be interesting to see whether or not FBI will take the case, and if so what will come about from it.

With the charges being dropped, it is also going to be interesting to see if his character on Empire will still be there coming the next season. Or even the end of the current season since originally becomes of the charges his character was stripped from the final episodes of this season. Again, as I have said before, I hope his character is not taken completely off the show, but that decision is not under my control.

Only time will be able to reveal the answers to all of these questions.