With only a few short weeks before school pick backs up, I've saved you the effort of searching for the perfect summer song. These are the jams that have made the summer of 2018 one for the books.

You're welcome.

1. "The Way it Was" by Coast Modern

This is a song you can roll your windows down to. It's impossible to listen to this song without feeling like a rebellious teenager in a high school movie or like you're in a music video. It's a great road trip song, as well. Coast Modern did it to us ... Actually... they did this FOR US.

2. "She Way Out" by The 1975

Even though this song has been out for a while, it still has this vibe to it that I simply can't describe. It's a tune that will never go "out of style." The 1975 makes songs with such variety, so even if "She Way Out" isn't your forte, you can count on them to have something on one of their albums you'll like. Give them a listen. Seriously.


To put it plainly... this song is a BOP. It's a song for a summer night. It has a unique beat and chorus guaranteed to make your toe tap.

4. "Hope" by Tim Legend

Similar to "GOT IT GOOD" it's a good song to put on in the car with your friends on a summer night. The lyrics, the voice, the whole thing. Just slaps. 10/10 would recommend.

5. "American Honey Blonde" by Woodlock

Okay. Picture this.

You're out in the middle of nowhere on a patio. On a hammock. And sunlight is peaking through the trees and screen porch. You have a book in your lab, but your eyes are slowly slipping shut as the wind blows past your face calmly. That's the vibe this song gives off. Trust me.

6. "Survivor" by Destiny's Child

An oldie, but a goodie. Ladies, if you are coming out of a summer fling or relationship, this one is for you. You are a strong independent woman. Destiny's Child is preaching in this. And I'm still here for it.

7. "365 Days" by ZZ Ward

Again, a powerful anthem to all of you who are embracing single life or for those of you who just want a song to belt out. ZZ Ward is so underrated, and this song really showcases her range. A true gift to the ears. It's also super catchy.

8. "Super Trouper" by Cher

This song is from the "Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again" soundtrack, which is arguably the best movie of the summer. This song is a classic with a refreshing new sound. If you haven't seen Mamma Mia yet, get on it. It will honestly change your life.

These have been my summer anthems. My playlists for the beach, for nights out on the town, or for laying on my couch reading. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Check out this playlist here.