Encouragement for the Stuck NaNoWrimo Writer
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Encouragement for the Stuck NaNoWrimo Writer

At the halfway point for NaNoWrimo and slowly people are dropping off. Perverse and it will all be worth it.

Encouragement for the Stuck NaNoWrimo Writer

15 days in. 15 days left to go. If you're on track you have at least hit the 25,000 mark. If you're not then take comfort in knowing I am on the same boat. If you know what I'm talking about then chances are you are a NaNoWrimo writer.

We are half way there guys. Half way until this hell is over. Soon we can all go back to our normal lives, only writing when we want to and not trying to force out way to an ridiculous deadline. Not having to stay up late trying to make our daily word count. No longer having to push things aside so we can do NaNoWrimo. But while we are here let's just go for it, or at least go for it as much as we can without ruining our lives.

Don't ignore your novel if it is not going the way you want it to. Don't stop just because you a character is not developing the way you like, your grammar is messed up, you have some plot holes, the symbols are not seamlessly integrated, etc. There will be time during the coming months to fix those things. In fact what makes your novel worthwhile will be in those months when all the grunt work takes place. But if you do want to do that now that is also fine. Just don't give up.

If you have to redevelop your plot then go do that. If you have to jump from section to section then do that. If you have to switch who you have as the main character then by all means go ahead. Do whatever you have to do to get your novel done. Right now what is important is getting your novel and it's ideas on paper. If anything NaNoWrimo is more the push to develop your novel. That way you can look at it as a completed story, regardless of how good or bad it is and know you can do it. You can develop a story line in your head. You can create characters. You can develop a plot. You can take all your ideas and put them into words. More importantly you can write a novel.

NaNoWrimo is a time to be fearless. It is a time to write things which you never thought you would. So go out there because the world needs your novel, I need your novel, and most importantly you need your novel.

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