Ladies, we've all been there. We've all wallowed in our misery, over school or romance or life in general, wondering when we'll feel better. Now, everyone deals with stress and bad days in different ways, and the most important thing is to bounce back in a healthy, motivated way. So what can only help but music? Here are ten empowering songs that are sung by some powerful ladies to get you back on your feet.

1. "That's My Girl" by Fifth Harmony

Girl groups always inspire messages of female empowerment, and for that reason, Fifth Harmony's "That's My Girl" never fails to lift me out of my lowest moods. With its upbeat melody and powerful lyrics, this song will serve as your own personal cheerleader while you continue living your best life!

2. "Power" by Little Mix

"Power" is quite possibly one of the most uplifting anthems I have heard. Sung by the award-winning Little Mix, "Power" is essentially a middle-finger to toxic masculinity, empowering women everywhere on all platforms.

3. "Unstoppable" by Sia

What with all the female superhero movies coming out, why not feel like one yourself? Sia's "Unstoppable" will make you feel like your very own Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel, just inspiring you to take the world by the horns and achieve your dreams.

4. "Work B**ch" by Britney Spears

Have an exam you need to study for? An intense workout planned? Just want a motivating song to listen to on your commute to classes? Britney's "Work B**ch" never fails to serve as motivation towards your dreams and the life you want.

5. "no tears left to cry" by Ariana Grande

Ariana has been slaying the music game lately with her hit albums "Sweetener" and "thank u, next," but her hit from the former continues to be an inspiration in my daily life. Reminding yourself that you are stronger than the trials you are enduring does wonders, and this song helps you to do exactly that.

6. "Woman" by Kesha

Kesha is always a reliable producer of bops, and her song "Woman" is no exception. "Woman" sings of the glories of being an independent woman, and how you don't need a man to tell you how to live your life. Set to an infectious melody and full of expletives that you'll love to sing out loud in the heat of the moment, "Woman" won't fail to lift you up.

7. "Woman Like Me" by Little Mix and Nicki Minaj

As women, we tend to think that we need to apologize for being ourselves and not what society wants us to be. Well, Little Mix's and Nicki Minaj's song is an anthem for all the women like them: unapologetic, powerful, and beautiful for those very reasons.

8. "Fighter" by Christina Aguilera

An oldie but a goodie, Christina Aguilera's "Fighter" takes a different approach towards empowerment. By thanking the people who hurt her, Christina comes out stronger—a fighter. This song will always make you want to succeed, both to please yourself and to stick it to all those who thought you couldn't do it.

9. "Confident" by Demi Lovato

"Confident" emboldens its listeners to be exactly that. With her hit song, Demi Lovato encourages her audience to be confident and unapologetically so. The only person who can tell you how to live your life is you, so why worry about what others think of you?

10. "Look What You Made Me Do" by Taylor Swift

Taylor's Swift's entire "Reputation" album is full of empowering songs, but her hit single "Look What You Made Me Do" encapsulates the whole message of the tracks. Swift becomes a new version of herself, that is to say, a version she has always been but has never shown. When crossed, she grows into this new version—confident, powerful, unapologetic—and the song encourages her audience to do the same.

Which song will you be blasting next?