1. Oblivious

It's still syllabus week in your head and you are blissfully unaware (or simply selectively ignoring) looming due dates. This is your sweetest and most innocent state. You're in for a huge shock, honey!

2. Alarmed

You realize midterms start next week. You have three exams within the same 36 hours and you are completely unprepared for the onslaught of crazy that is about to hit you like a truck.

3. Weepy

The tears have officially set in and it's comparable to a large-scale dam explosion. It is totally okay to let it all out and hopefully you have a good roommate to sit with you in this mess.

4. Focused

There is no more room to delay the inevitable and it's time to hit the books. Hopefully this stage lasts for most of the following week but that is never a guarantee. When you're in this stage, give your future self a break and get as much done as humanly possible.

5. Overwhelmed

How could anyone get all of this work done? You will probably lash out or neglect other areas of your life that don't reside in the library. It's best if you and your roommate hit this phase at the same time because you're not fun to be around right now.

6. Hangry

The best way to deal with this onslaught of stress? Food. You need some comfort food and I have a few suggestions. Torchy's queso, A full sheet cake, barbecue potato chips, or maybe some Olive Garden breadstick?

7. Exhausted

All you can think about is sleep. You get emotional just imagining your fuzzy blanket and that one soft pillow that stays cool all through the night. You cannot wait until this is all over and you might have a normal sleep schedule for once (spoiler! you won't.)

8. Sick

Your immune system is seriously struggling right now and you will certainly not be feeling your best this week. If you live on campus surrounded by dorm germs, you will inevitably catch the vague plague-like illness with everyone else on campus.

9. Resigned

You've studied for a week or more at this point and there's nothing else you can do. You send up a prayer and text your mom for luck. Here goes nothing!


You are done! Whether you rocked this test or the test rocked you, it's all over now and you can go take a solid nap. We're all proud of you!