10 Emotions All College Students Feel On A Rainy Day
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10 Emotions All College Students Feel On A Rainy Day

Rain, rain go away.

10 Emotions All College Students Feel On A Rainy Day

You're laying in bed, waiting until the last minute to get up and ready for your 9 am class. You check on your weather app, and this is what you see.

Luke Bryan sang why "Rain is a Good Thing," and coming from a farm, I know that rain is something to be thankful to receive. When going to college though, rain can make walking to and from classes and everything else you do on campus, interesting to say the least.

Here are the ten feelings that we go through when life seems to want to rain on our parade.

1. Nope, not today

Seeing that rain is in the forecast makes you want to cancel all your plans, roll back over in bed, and act like today is canceled.

2. What am I going to wear?

With the wind, the likelihood of being soaked head to toe, but the comfortable temperature makes it hard to decide what to wear. One wrong decision and you may be one raindrop away from a wardrobe malfunction or a day with soaked jeans.

3. It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's Mary Poppins

With the wind blowing you around, you do not know when your last step will turn into a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious adventure. You cling to your umbrella in hopes to anchor you to the ground.


No matter how hard you try, it seems like whenever there is rain, you will end up looking like a wet llama dog and never want to see your reflection again.

5. Only ten more steps

Even though you walk this same way all the time to get to your classes, because of the rain, it seems that you will never make it to your destination. The wind, the rain, the fact that you have to look at your wet shoes makes your regular 10-minute walk seem like it is taking an eternity.

6. Are my umbrella and I going to make it?

Clinging to your umbrella for dear life so

1. It doesn't flip inside out and break

2. The wind doesn't blow your umbrella around and then hit you

The umbrella can protect you from the rain and use as protection when needed.

7. Not the laptop, please not the laptop

With the amount of money you spent on this laptop, it better not get water damage because of going to class in the rain.

8. Can I take a nap yet?

The dark sky and the sound of the rain against the window just set the mood for the perfect day of just putting on sweatpants and napping the day away. Rainy days = Lazy days

9. Everything feels like a movie

Sitting on your bus listening to music while you stare out the window always makes you feel like you are in a dramatic scene of a movie.

10. "Umbrella" is playing in the back of your head

Don't deny it; you're humming the 2007 pop song as you stand in the rain. Own it.

The rain brings on a rollercoaster of emotions, more like a water slide of emotions but you know what I mean. Stay dry my friends as the rainy weather starts to come more often.

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