30 Heartbreaking, Humorous Six-Word Stories
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30 Heartbreaking, Humorous Six-Word Stories

Twenty sad, ten happy six-word stories to take you on an emotional rollercoaster.

30 Heartbreaking, Humorous Six-Word Stories
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Six word stories are powerful; they make the reader feel something in only six words. The very first six word story was written by Ernest Hemingway when he was challenged to write a sad story in only six words. He wrote “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

Not all six word stories should evoke sadness - often times, they can leave the reader feeling happy with their touching words or funny jokes. Here are 20 six word stories that will make you cry and 10 that will make you smile.

1. Painfully, he changed “is” to “was.”

2. “Wrong number,” says a familiar voice.

3. Sorry soldier, shoes sold in pairs.

4. The smallest coffins are the heaviest.

5. He bottle-feeds his wife’s killer.

6. Checking into a hotel to checkout.

7. Disputes between nations. Sorrow among families.

8. She loved cigarettes… More than life…

9. She found him hanging. Then followed.

10. One friend. Two faces. High school.

11. Imagined adulthood. Gained adulthood. Lost imagination.

12. A son abused. Another son abused.

13. Pregnancy test? Positive. Marriage proposal? Negative.

14. Partied through life. All nineteen years.

15. Wrote note. Took pills. Now wait.

Sad woman near water

16. Car wheels screech. Training wheels spin.

17. Failed suicide attempt. Paralyzed. Suffer life.

18. “This is our secret,” whispered daddy.

19. Walked out of closet. Got disowned.

20. Most likely to succeed shot himself.

1. It’s all over: surgery; chemotherapy; life.

2. Five armed vampires enter blood bank.

3. Went abroad. Finally felt like home.

4. Sandcastle for sale. Limited time offer.

5. First date. Awkward smiles. Rewarding kiss.

6. Won food fight. Used canned vegetables.

7. Born Tuesday. Married Wednesday. Loved Friday.

8. Lazy optimist dies happily of starvation.

9. My dads met at bible camp.

10. “Reading for dummies,” somehow never sold.

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