Starting A New Semester? You've Had These Thoughts
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8 Feelings You've Definitely Had When You're Starting A New Semester Of College

Literally, why do I already have homework?

8 Feelings You've Definitely Had When You're Starting A New Semester Of College

Every college kid goes through the same emotions at the start of a new semester.

You want to get ahead as much as possible, but you also want to be able to relax before crunch time begins. No matter what is going on in your life, you know that the start of the semester gives you all of these feelings.

1. You are exhausted from move in day.

You keep running back and forth from your car to your dorm. You have to dodge everybody else moving in that day so that everyone's belongings stay in one piece. You are saying goodbye to your parents for the next several weeks or months after your room is put together.

By the end of the day, you are pretty much exhausted. You have exerted enough energy for a good week. Naturally, you do not want to go to class in a few days.

2. You are completely stressing out.

You have to buy all of your textbooks, and the prices really add up. I probably spent $1000 on my textbooks for just this semester alone.

You are trying to find all of your classes, and if you are new to campus, you are probably wondering how you could possibly make it all the way across campus in the 10 minutes in between classes.

3. You are ecstatic to meet all of your new professors.

Everybody knows that the professor can make or break the class, so you are super hyped to find out how your classes are going to turn out.

4. ...except for that one.

We all end up hearing stories about the one crazy or stressful professor, the one you just know you are going to have problems with throughout the semester. As a result, when you see that professor listed for the one subject you know is your weakest, you dread the course even more than you did before your schedule was officially updated.

5. You are looking forward to seeing all of your friends again.

By the time you return to your hometown after your first year of college, there is a good chance that you have already forgotten about or refused to see certain people. So, you stick to yourself for the summer.

As a result, you miss all of your college friends and are counting down the days until you are reunited once again.

6. You are already behind in school work somehow and you have no idea how.

Even if you have not started your classes yet, you already feel behind and unprepared for class. You have no clue how you are already so behind in a class that has not even started yet, but you feel more behind than ever before.

7. You are questioning why you have homework assignments on the second day.

It is the second day of class. Why are there already homework assignments due this week? Sure, there may only be 14 weeks in the semester, but why not wait until the second week? Please?

8. Finally, you are just happy to be back on campus.

Finally, you are just so happy to be back on campus that nothing else really matters. You are at your home away from home, and you are finally away from family for the first time in months.

No matter where you go to college, you experience pretty much all of these thoughts and emotions during the first week of a new college semester. I could go on and on about all of the emotions, but these eight are the main ones that get passed around during the very last week of August at Brenau.

Go and feel all of your emotions. Do not hold them back; you do not want to have an even worse mental break halfway through the semester than you are already guaranteed to have.

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