In a world that is filled with Kardashians, we need more of Emma Watson. I feel like I am the only young woman who does not keep up with the Kardashians. Instead of choosing to admire those women who only flaunt their body and revolve their lives around drama, I choose to be inspired by Emma Watson, who teaches young women to embrace confidence and intelligence.

Emma Watson is most known as Hermione Granger, the intelligent, book-loving nerd in Harry Potter. Her character had many traits that I looked up to when I was child, for not only was Hermione smart, she was brave. Emma Watson possesses the same characteristics.

Recently, Emma has taken a break from the spotlight to tackle social issues that our world suffers from. Most celebrities do not wish to attend a college to get an education, but not Emma. She enrolled at Oxford University and completed part of her degree. Emma then graduated from the Ivy League Brown University in May 2014, with a Bachelor's degree in English Literature. Her experience at Brown helped shaped her into the person she is today as she teaches girls the value of education their own intellect.

Emma is one of the few women in the world to hold the title of United Nation Women's Ambassador. Her speech that she gave to the UN addressed the importance of gender equality. She helped launch the campaign HeForShe, which encourages men and boys to advocate for the ending of gender inequality, which affects women and girls everywhere. She fights to end the negativity that surrounds the word "feminist." She fights to end sexist discrimination that many women, and girls, face everyday. Emma isn't afraid to speak her mind; she is passionate and courageous, and that is definitely something young women should model. She teaches that it's important to finish what you start, for she has yet to undertake a project that she doesn't see through until the end.

Emma has been on missions to other countries for UN women. She's involved with promoting girls' education and has visited Bangladesh, Uruguay, and Zambia. She's also served as an ambassador for Camfed International, a movement to educate girls in Africa.

Despite growing up as a famous actress, she has managed to keep her life very private. She uses her work ethic to fight for what she believes in. Her maturity is one of the qualities I admire the most. She chooses to fight for human rights, she chooses to strive to make a difference in our world, and she goes all about it with elegance and class. She inspires young women to speak their minds, to stand up for each other and to encourage one another. She also teaches that young girls shouldn't be scared to be proud of their accomplishments. Emma Watson stands up for others, and young women around the world should do the same.

Emma Watson has truly inspired me to be a more hard working woman and to dream big. I'm no longer afraid to take pride in many of my accomplishments. There's nothing I want more than to achieve my dreams, and Emma Watson has taught me that there is nothing stopping me from doing so. I've learned from her that I can be confident, and I've learned that I am beautiful. She is truly a wonderful role model this generation needs.

"If not me, who? If not now, when?"

Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc in Turkey said that women should not laugh in public because it is "moral depravity," Emma replied on Twitter with this beautiful picture to let Turkish women know they weren't alone.